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How we’re supporting organizations doing COVID-19 relief work

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Over the past few weeks, we have helped the organizations using our platform transition their organizing and supporter engagement efforts online so as not to lose momentum during this critical time. Volunteer signups for virtual events now make up 90% of our volume. We are rapidly investing in new capabilities to support our partners’ efforts to harness this volunteer demand.

At the same time, a number of incredible organizations have reached out to us about using Mobilize to recruit and schedule volunteers for relief efforts. These organizations aim to deliver food to people that are homebound or quarantined, contact seniors and vulnerable populations to ensure they are connected to necessary services, advocate for Federal legislation that will help, and more. 

From many, we’ve heard the same thing: “We need to move so fast, and we have no idea whether we have any budget for this or if we have time to wait for procurement.” We know this work needs to start now.

Starting today, we will provide free access to Mobilize’s core platform for use on any COVID-19 relief volunteer mobilization efforts through June 30.

Our team will guide you on how to quickly and effectively set up actions that engage your supporters during this crucial time, like:

  1. Virtual volunteer trainings for new remote organizing tactics and tools
  2. Webinars to educate communities and raise awareness of critical issues
  3. Deliveries of food and supplies for at-risk individuals, following social distancing protocol
  4. Phone- or text-banking for outreach to vulnerable communities or to politicians to advocate for relief funds

In addition to leveraging our network of 1.7 million volunteers, you’ll be able to enable organizational partners to promote your events and empower your supporters to create events of their own.

Please sign up here.

We will be in touch about trainings and next steps! 

The world needs your organization’s passion and generosity right now. We will be proud to support you.

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