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5 creative volunteer event ideas for Earth Day 2020

Our favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day, because there is no Planet B. Check out these creative events put on by Mobilize organizers.

Earth Day is an important day to appreciate and honor everything that the Earth has given us. As always, reducing water usage, recycling, and purchasing reusable water bottles and bags are just a few ways to reduce your impact on the planet. Another way to celebrate is with some of the creative events that Mobilize organizers have put together! Here are five of our favorite opportunities to celebrate Earth Day, because there is no Planet B.

1. Earth Day Rally on Animal Crossing with NextGen Nevada

A digital first! NextGen Nevada is hosting an Earth Day rally on the popular social simulation video game,Animal Crossing, complete with Earth Day t-shirts, swag bags, and other downloadable assets.

2. Earth Day Phone Bank Action with Lean Left Vermont

Join Lean Left to call environmental voters in Pennsylvania. Celebrate the planet we all share by helping elect a government that will protect it.

3. Digital Green Fest with NextGen Nevada

This digital festival offers yoga, ice breaker games, open forums, and more. This is a great opportunity to celebrate our planet and meet other youth voters in your state!

4. Earth Day (Digital) Climate Strike with NextGen Florida

To participate in this digital strike, all supporters have to do is send in a photo of themselves protesting with a sign. All the pictures will be formed into a collage to display state solidarity.

5. Black Millennials for Flint Roundtable with Michigan Organizing Together

Michigan Organizing Together is spending Earth Day discussing the overlooked but incredibly important environmental harms that disproportionately impact minority communities like Flint. This round table will teach community members how to be an effective advocate on social media.

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