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Product Updates

NEW: More data for even more strategic supporter management

We made some updates to the Stats and Supporters (formerly known as Volunteers) tabs to help you uncover more insights.

New on the Stats page: Incremental shifts

Our partners benefit not only from our conversion-optimized, time-saving platform, but from the larger Mobilize network (3.7M supporters and growing!). Features like automated event suggestions, cross-promotion between organizations, and bring-a-friend prompts can lead to 38% more supporters. Now you can track these incremental shifts on your Stats page to better understand where your volunteers are coming from and how much value you’re gaining from the platform.

To better understand how Mobilize drives shifts on your behalf:

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New on the Stats page: Sub-account data

If you haven’t checked out the Stats page, you’re seriously missing out. Admins can use it to filter tons of tables with shift, event, user, source, conversion rate, and promotions data.

For those of you with sub-accounts: individual account data only gets you so far when you want a thousand-foot programmatic view. That’s why we added a Sub-account tab where you can view data on all of your accounts in one place. Filters allow you to view the tables in aggregate across accounts, individually by sub-account, and for specific date ranges.

Check out the Sub-accounts tab within your Stats page to view the following tables:

  • Events, signups, and supporters
  • Percentage of shifts driven through bring-a-friend, promotions, and event suggestion features
  • A map of where supporters are!
  • Users and last login information

New on the Supporters page: More stats by volunteer

We’ve updated our Supporters page (formerly known as the Volunteers page) to include more information and filters to help you make meaningful use of the data.

The new, filterable display for each supporter includes:

  • Total number of signups
  • Bring-a-friend referrals—see who is recruiting for you!
  • Filterable location information (City, State, Zip)
  • First and last signup/action dates

Unlock insights on your highly-engaged supporters so that you can show your appreciation and activate those who could move into leadership positions.

This is just the start of many updates we plan to make in the coming months to provide you with more insights into your program and supporters. If you have feedback on what would be helpful for your team, let us know:

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