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How to support COVID-19 relief work without leaving your house

We just released a one-stop shop for volunteers to support organizations providing assistance during this pandemic — pajamas encouraged.

Last week, we released Volunteer from Your Couch, a one-stop shop for volunteers to support organizations providing assistance during this pandemic. In light of COVID-19, many of our partners organized opportunities to provide resources and support to at-risk communities, and we wanted to make easy for supporters to get involved virtually.

Many of us are finding ourselves with far too much time on our hands and an insuppressible feeling that there is more we could be doing. Since mid-March, we have seen weekly signup volumes higher than any week in 2019.  COVID-19 has not changed the baseline level of volunteer activity in our country; it has only changed the type of activity. Volunteer From Your Couch aims to connect available supporters with organizations that could desperately use their help.

“We really need to be able to convene as much volunteer energy as possible around these organizations that are on the frontlines.” - Alfred Johnson, CEO and Co-founder, in an interview with Fast Company

As the name suggests, all of the events recommended by Volunteer from Your Couch can be done virtually from home. There are many different opportunities to get involved. Here are five of our favorites:

1. Senior check-ins with Meals on Wheels of Southwest Ohio & Northern Kentucky

COVID-19 is leaving many senior citizens and other immunocompromised individuals isolated and in need of help. By calling vulnerable members of your community, volunteers can share useful resources, ask if they need a meal delivered, and provide comfort by letting them know that they are not alone in these uncertain times.

2. Pandemic postcarding and check-in with Indivisible Action-Area

This event combines activism and companionship by giving volunteers an opportunity to meet up and write postcards. They provide causes that supporters can write postcards for: advocating for better prison conditions during COVID-19 or paid sick time, writing letters to the editor about racist and xenophobic comments, and more.

3. Supporting first responders and veterans during COVID-19 with No Vet Alone

Social distancing makes it even harder for first responders, military, and veterans to get the support and tools they need for their mental health. This event encourages supporters to make a gift of $20. These pledges will directly fund programs that provide critical medical and emotional support.

4. Share your story for food justice with Feeding Texas

The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the loss of jobs and income for millions. Feeding Texas is looking for people who have gone through food insecurity to share their experiences; these people can sign up for a volunteer time slot to speak with staff members. These stories will be used to shape policy and advocacy efforts that will best serve the community.

5. Townhall on COVID-19 & mental health with Dr. Arati Kreibich for Congress

This candidate and neuroscientist is teaming up with other doctors to host a townhall discussing mental health. Supporters are invited to attend and learn more about the impact that COVID-19 may have on their emotional wellbeing.

We are providing free access to our core platform to 501(c)(3)’s and government entities for their COVID-19 relief work, because working together to keep our communities safe and healthy is more important than ever. As always, volunteers and organizations are also encouraged to use our COVID-19 Resource Center to stay up-to-date.

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