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Virtual volunteering examples: 13 creative events on Mobilize

We’ve seen creativity abound this month, as our partners test new strategies for engaging supporters virtually. Check some of our favorites.

We’ve seen creativity abound this month, as our partners test new strategies for engaging supporters virtually. Below are just a few of our favorites from the 4,600 events hosted in the last 30 days.

Many of these events leveraged additional tools, like Facebook, Zoom, ThruTalks, and Netflix Party. While these tools facilitated the video call, phone banking, or viewing material, Mobilize registered volunteers, sent automated reminders, asked for donations, collected feedback, and stored data to re-engage supporters in the future. These events were even more powerful because they used multiple tools in tandem.

If you’d like to mimic this structure, learn more about using Zoom (or Google Hangouts) in your next Mobilize event. Or, get creative using this full list of Mobilize integrations and complementary tools!

Professional Events

1. COVID-19 Assistance Virtual Town Hall with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This virtual town hall helped members, constituents, and supporters understand the local, state, and federal relief resources available and how to apply.

2. Register to Vote by Mail with Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA)

The call to action takes constituents to the PA Votes Registration Portal, where they can register to vote by mail. If they’ve already registered, they can indicate as much, and PSEA will collect that member’s data for future engagement.

3. COVID-19 Community Forum with Texas Democrats  

Community leaders and subject matter experts facilitated a virtual fireside chat with constituents to discuss concerns regarding the racism affiliated with COVID-19. Supporters left the event with tools to combat racism and help others in the community do the same.

4. Paid Family Leave Petition with Eddie Mauro for Senate

This campaign used Mobilize to gather signatures for a petition about paid family leave. The campaign also included the link to sign the petition within emails so that signatures could be easily collected and shared.

5. At-Home Phone Banking with Pennsylvania Democrats

This state party moved phone-banking home, allowing volunteers to access the campaign anywhere at almost any time. By shifting to virtual organizing so quickly, the campaign maintained momentum.

6. Kennedy Evening Broadcast with Kennedy for Massachusetts

Joe Kennedy III is addressing Massachusetts residents every Monday and Thursday night. Each episode streams live on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and features a guest.


We also love the different ways that our partners are using Mobilize to connect with their supporters. Events like these are not only fun, but important to forming strong bonds to your cause, candidate, and other supporters. Here are some of our favorite ideas for how to creatively use Mobilize to foster community in the time of social distancing.

7. Florida Dems Live with the Florida Democratic Party

This event combined political action with social activities. Volunteers were first trained on how to phone bank to flip the state. Then, the FL Dems provided ice breaker games to connect supporters with other Democrats from around the state.

8. Virtual Happy Hour with Persist Brooklyn

Persist Brooklyn provided a virtual space for volunteers to meet up, have a drink, and soak in some much-needed human interaction. Many organizations have started hosting virtual happy hours to bring volunteers together in a more laid-back environment.

9. Carbon Pollution Solution Netflix Party with NextGen North Carolina

To celebrate Earth Day, NextGen is streaming videos about what researchers have been doing to address carbon pollution. Volunteers can tune in to learn about and support the science world’s efforts to address this challenge.

10. Fur Baby Fridays with Democrats

The Democrats are hosting a Zoom call dedicated to celebrating our pets. Is there any better mood booster? Sign up and show off your furry friends!

11. Virtual Birthday Party with Romero for Senate  

Candidate Romero thought it was a campaign planning call, but it was actually her birthday! This campaign gathered supporters together online to surprise her with a virtual birthday party.

12. Couch Party with When We All Vote

When We All Vote partnered with Ignite to host a couch party via Zoom! Each couch party features a special guest and a place to talk with other volunteers about voting.

13. Life Aid Yoga with No Vet Alone  

For supporters and veterans, No Vet Alone is providing free virtual yoga classes. These are conducted through Zoom and they offer a place for mindfulness, stress relief, and healthy movement.

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