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Volunteer hosting: 10 steps that will turn you into a pro

We put together our top ten tips for volunteer hosts hoping to take their commitment to the next level.

Becoming an event host is an easy way for volunteers to take on leadership roles and take their commitment to the next level. As a volunteer host, you will be trusted to advance the mission of an organization by engaging your networks, while setting an example for other volunteers to do the same.

Think you could use a few tips before committing to host? We can help.

Check out our top ten volunteer host tips here:

1. Advertise your event

Tell your friends and family! We suggest posting about your event via social media and even text message exchanges. Feeling creative? There are plenty of free tools, such as Canva, that allow you to make quick, beautiful online event invitations. Be sure to get your image approved by the organization — and begin rallying supporters!

2. Use Mobilized Messaging

Keep in touch with your attendees via Mobilize Messaging! With Mobilize Messaging, you will be able to send an email to attendees of your event. This tool will allow you to focus on relationship building with your fellow volunteers as well as sending updates and other important information.

Learn more here.

3. Set custom messages and select specific event suggestions for your feedback and re-engagement emails

Mobilize takes work off of your hands by automating common best practices for communication. We empower hosts with tools like attendance confirmation messages and re-engagement messages sent five days after an event. Now you can personalize these communications by adding a custom message! By selecting specific events to appear in these communications, you will be able to drive event attendance up.

Learn more on how you can use custom messages here.

4. Encourage supporters to work together

Just over 13.5% of registrations come from Mobilize’s automatic bring-a-friend prompt. Encourage your fellow supporters to work together to share and publicize events! We’ve already spoken about the ways you can advertise your events—but the more, the merrier. Working together is one of best ways to advance your mission. You may even consider teaming up with a small group of volunteers to host recurring events.

5. Make your event public

Interested in increasing the amount of event attendees you have? Make your event public! Making a public event can sometimes raise security concerns, but don’t worry. We can reassure that the event address won’t be listed.

6. Use group chat!

Our group chat feature allows you to take care of open-ended logistical concerns in a timely, convenient manner. Build a blossoming community by creating a community in which all volunteers feel involved and knowledgeable about what’s happening.

7. Attend a volunteer host training

Need to brush up on your hosting skills? Attend a volunteer hosting training held by your organization. Volunteers power the work of many organizations which makes formal training essential. Volunteer host training can help even the most experienced of volunteers become more comfortable with representing an organization. If your organization is not currently hosting one, consider taking the initiative to help create one.

8. Bring in a co-host for your event  

For those who aren’t familiar with the world of hosting events, co-hosting can help ease the adjustment. Get together with a group of volunteers to co-host an event together. Doing this will make event planning, recruitment, and volunteer management responsibilities a breeze.

Learn more about co-hosting.

9. Create goals for your event

By establishing goals, you will create more intrinsic motivation for yourself. Create goals surrounding how many volunteers you want to attend, what  knowledge you want to impart, and the biggest things you want the group to take away from your event. Doing this will help establish your credibility and allow other volunteers to easily understand the purpose and importance of their work.

10. Measure your success

The trick to hosting successful Mobilize events is keeping an eye on your feedback. Measuring the success of your Mobilize events is one way to continuously improve the quality of your future events. Become best friends with your exportable post-event feedback to see what event attendees enjoyed the most and what they thought could use improvement.

See what Mobilize can do for you.

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