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The time is NOW: Mobilize for women's rights!

It's time to act! Get involved with these organizations tackling the issues that you're most passionate about.

The 2020 Election has come and gone, and you’re faced with empty hours previously filled by political volunteer actions. Don’t stagnate; the fight to create a more just, inclusive, and democratic world continues. Identify the issue(s) you’re most passionate about, and get involved with one (or more!) of the 3,000 organizations on Mobilize.

If you’re passionate about protecting the rights of women everywhere, then these are the groups that you need to join!

NARAL Pro-Choice America:

Who are they? The 2.5 million members of NARAL Pro-Choice America fight for reproductive freedom for every person in every state.

Our favorite past event? Reproductive Freedom in Pop Culture Trivia Night with NARAL

With stress at an all time high due to the election, NARAL Pro-Choice America decided to host a fun night of virtual trivia—reproductive freedom in pop culture style. There were plenty of costumes and prizes to go around as supporters learned from repro-freedom advocates.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Planned Parenthood:  

Who are they? Backed by over 7 million supporters in the fight for better access to sexual health care and the defense of reproductive rights.

Our favorite past event? Meet & Greet w/ Beau Willimon, creator of House of Cards

Members of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund came together to meet the creator-showrunner of the award-winning show House of Cards. There was food, drinks, and t-shirts provided to all members who attended. Immediately after, members knocked on doors across Missouri to support their efforts to get Democrats elected.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Women’s March:  

Who are they? A women-led movement working to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to spark social change.

Our favorite upcoming event? Election Defenders Election Eve Rally

Once they have completed their mission of providing water, PPE equipment, and general support to voters, the Women’s March group plans to meet post-election to bring joy to the people after bringing joy to the polls.  

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Women’s March Action:  

Who are they? Stemming from the largest single-day protest in U.S. history and women-led movement, Women’s March Action continues to provide opportunities for people to take action and elect candidates aligned with the Women’s March Agenda.

Our favorite past event? People, Politics, and Drinks

This weekly series of events helped build a virtual community amongst feminists nationwide. The Women’s March Action created a space for feminists to casually connect and discuss important current events. Each week, a different guest speaker joined to speak on different issues that feminists face.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Don't see any upcoming events? Don't worry, they're coming. Keep your favorite Mobilize dashboards bookmarked and check back later!

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