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The time is NOW: Mobilize for climate justice!

It's time to act! Get involved with these organizations tackling the issues that you're most passionate about.

The 2020 Election has come and gone, and you’re faced with empty hours previously filled by political volunteer actions. Don’t stagnate; the fight to create a more just, inclusive, and democratic world continues. Identify the issue(s) you’re most passionate about, and get involved with one (or more!) of the 3,000 organizations on Mobilize.

If you’re passionate about topics like climate change and sustainability, then these are the groups that you need to join!

Sierra Club:

Who are they? With 3.8 million members and supporters, the Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States.

Our favorite past event? Watch Party: Musicians for Marquita Bradshaw

With over 50 artists lined up to perform, this 2020 telethon brought supporters around the country together to uplift the Marquita Bradshaw for US Senate campaign. Supporters were able to call into actual landlines and pledge their support the old fashioned way. This musical event allowed people to get together for a good cause while learning more about the issues facing their community.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV):

Who are they? An environmental group that advocates for better environmental laws and policies and holds politicians accountable for environmental issues.

Our favorite past event? Spooky Climate Jeopardy

To celebrate spooky season, LCV hosted a trivia game night! Supporters wore costumes, ate candy, and unwinded as they talked about climate change. This was just one of the ways they were able to bring together people from different walks of life to learn more about climate change while ensuring a lax atmosphere for all.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Sunrise Movement:

Who are they? A major movement of young people uniting to stop the climate crisis through volunteering in droves.

Our favorite past event? Victory Fest 2020

Victory Fest 2020 was a one-stop shop for young people everywhere ready to win big on Election Day. This one-stop show helped supporters that were ready to join the final stretch to help secure a greener future. The six-day extravaganza had a series of events each day—including phone banks, text banks, live music acts, celebrity guests, etc.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

NextGen America:

Who are they? Driven by a mission of increasing voter turnout amongst youth,  NextGen America works to get young people to show up and vote to ensure that people—not corporations—are leading our democracy.

Our favorite past event? The Function

This Juneteenth celebration was bursting with Black creativity, Black culture, and unity. The freedom of Black ancestors was celebrated as singers, DJs, spoken word artists, drag queens, and a keynote speaker took the virtual stage.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Environmental Defense Action Fund:

Who are they? Also known as EDF Action, this group works to build the political power necessary to protect the environment and health of American families.

Our favorite upcoming event? “Exploring the strongest federal climate plan in U.S. history” training

This training will cover the most comprehensive blueprint for climate action in U.S. history which was released by the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. This special presentation features climate policy expert Carol Andress and lays out recommendations that can help protect our environment.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Chesapeake Climate Action  Network Action Fund (CCAN Action Fund):

Who are they? This group’s mission is to effect change in public policy and ensure that the threat of global warming is addressed. Through the combined efforts of voter education, lobbying, and participation in the electoral process, this group hopes to affect change nationwide.

Our favorite upcoming event? Text with People’s Action

CCAN Action Fund has come up with two plans to jump into action post-election to ensure that all Americans are protected. Participate in their text bank to help spread the word and organize!

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Don't see any upcoming events? Don't worry, they're coming. Keep your favorite Mobilize dashboards bookmarked and check back later!

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