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The time is NOW: Mobilize for fair elections!

It's time to act! Get involved with these organizations tackling the issues that you're most passionate about.

The 2020 Election has come and gone, and you’re faced with empty hours previously filled by political volunteer actions. Don’t stagnate; the fight to create a more just, inclusive, and democratic world continues. Identify the issue(s) you’re most passionate about, and get involved with one (or more!) of the 3,000 organizations on Mobilize.

If you’re passionate about protecting the voting rights of the historically disenfranchised, then these are the groups that you need to join!

When We All Vote:

Who are they? Launched in 2018 by Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, this group is on a mission to increase voting participation in every election by closing the race and age voting gap.

Our favorite past event? Early Voting Cookout: Hosted by World Famous House of MacThis Sunday cookout was a creative way to get folks together to celebrate their collective power, eat free food, and continue to spread the word about early voting. This event practiced social distancing and provided attendees with PPE as they prepared for a day full of fun and pledged to perform their civic duty.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Fair Count:  

Who are they? Founded by Stacey Abrams, Fair Count has taken the charge to ensure that all communities are counted and represented to strengthen the pathways to increased civic participation.

Our favorite past event? Hispanic Heritage Month Teletown Hall: COVID, Voting, and the Census in Latinx Communities

Fair Count kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month with a teletown hall. This virtual bilingual conversation was joined by community leaders all over the state of Georgia as they took on topics like COVID, voting, the impact of the Census, and how they affect their communities.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

All On The Line (AOTL):

Who are they? With a mission to end gerrymandering, AOTL works to restore democracy by ensuring that all Americans are heard through pushing for fair maps in redistricting.

Our favorite past event? All On The Line: A Conversation with President Obama and Attorney General Holder

This powerful event engaged grassroots supporters by stressing the important of getting involved to strengthen our democracy. Voting in the elections this fall and engaging participants prior to the 2021 redistricting process were two of the major topics discussed as part of the larger discussion to end gerrymandering.

What volunteer opportunities are available? Sign up for the monthly volunteer virtual meeting and find out.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Fair Fight Action:

Who are they? Fair Fight Action promotes fair elections in the state of Georgia and around the country by encouraging voter participation and educating voters about the elections and their voting rights.

Our favorite past event? Post-Election Texting with Fair Fight Action

Volunteers helped Fair Fight Action reach out to voters about sharing their stories and helped get the word out about steps voters need to take to ensure their votes are counted.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Don't see any upcoming events? Don't worry, they're coming. Keep your favorite Mobilize dashboards bookmarked and check back later!

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