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The time is NOW: Mobilize for immigrants' rights!

It's time to act! Get involved with these organizations tackling the issues that you're most passionate about.

The 2020 Election has come and gone, and you’re faced with empty hours previously filled by political volunteer actions. Don’t stagnate; the fight to create a more just, inclusive, and democratic world continues. Identify the issue(s) you’re most passionate about, and get involved with one (or more!) of the 3,000 organizations on Mobilize.

Organizations that fight for the rights of undocumented immigrants need your support year-round. Seek out opportunities to get more educated and advocate for the rights of others!

United We Dream:

Who are they? United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led network in the country. They fight for justice and dignity for all immigrants.

Our favorite past event? Welcome to the SQUAD!

This event invited new members to meet one another. Supporters were educated about different actions they could take for Election Day! They were also trained about how to volunteer and support progressive candidates.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

National Immigration Law Center:

Who are they? The National Immigration Law Center engages in policy analysis, litigation, education, and advocacy to work towards a society where all people are treated fairly and humanely.

Our favorite past event? Training to Get Out The Vote

The National Immigration Law Center organized groups of volunteers to help get the vote out this election season. Folks were able to come together (virtually) for a great cause ahead of Election Day.

Visit their dashboard and sign up today.

Don't see any upcoming events? Don't worry, they're coming. Keep your favorite Mobilize dashboards bookmarked and check back later!

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