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How Mobilize recruits supporters for you: Introducing the weekly newsletter and more!

We're constantly creating new features to help orgs better engage with their supporters. Introducing the weekly newsletter (and more)!

Supporters constantly ask us how else they can help. That’s why throughout 2020 we added event suggestions and started to surface them in emails and SMS.  Over the last few months we’ve been working on adding even more ways for you to easily share opportunities with your supporters!

Personalized weekly event suggestion newsletter

Starting today, we are launching a personalized weekly event suggestion newsletter for your feed. This newsletter is sent on Thursday afternoons to people who have signed up through your feed in the past or filled out the interest form on your feed.  It suggests events based on the user’s zip code and attendance history. In our tests over the past month, the newsletter generated 4-6% of overall signups.

You can also add a custom message to the newsletter, decide whether promoted events are included, or toggle the newsletter off.  Learn more in the help center.

Suggestions in Post-Event Emails

A few months back we added shift suggestions to the post-shift feedback email.  People responded well to it, so now we’ve expanded upon that, adding event suggestions to the email.

We also recently added a new email that’s sent 5 days after the event with both shift and event suggestions in it. Together the suggestions in these two emails were over ~2.5% of signups last week.

We’ve also added the ability for you to add a custom message to both of these emails.  Hosts have used this to share an event’s impact and additional opportunities to get involved.

We know that these suggestions don’t necessarily make sense for all events and organizations, so we have controls for you to toggle off both these emails, as well as shift or event suggestions. Learn more in the help center.

Inline Suggestions in SMS

We’ve also improved the suggestions in sms to let you rsvp to another shift without even leaving your text messaging app.  Now, for multi-shift events where shift suggestions are on, after you leave positive feedback we’ll ask if you want to come again next week.  All you have to do is respond YES and you’ll be RSVP’d!  With these improvements sms event suggestions were now more than 2% of RSVPs last week.

Learn how to toggle off shift suggestions in the Help Center.

More Coming Soon

  • Event hosts will be able to optionally announce an event to their past attendees.  This performed well during our tests so far and we look forward to rolling it out soon.
  • Event hosts will be able to customize the events that are suggested after someone signs up for their event (in the dialog, SMS, emails, etc…)

We hope these features help you and your supporters have more impact together.  We’ll be continuing to improve these emails and SMS and rolling out even more improvements in the coming weeks!

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