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10 stats about volunteer organizing trends during COVID-19

COVID-19 has completely changed the volunteer organizing game. Check out these 10 stats to see how volunteers and orgs have responded.

COVID-19 turned the world of organizing on its head. Events that had historically occurred in-person had be completely reimagined as virtual actions. Nonprofits suddenly faced increasingly urgent and widespread challenges only to find donors unavailable and volunteers stuck at home.

As we helped our partners transition to virtual organizing, we saw some unique trends emerge. Below, find 10 stats outlining our observations.

1.   Prior to COVID-19, about 20% of all events on Mobilize were virtual. That rapidly shifted to nearly 100% by mid-March.

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2.   Fundraising teams struggled to find new donors, leading organizers to take a more comprehensive view of their volunteers. On Mobilize, 20% of event registrants initiated a donation averaging $26.

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3.   We saw 1,325,560 total shifts in the first three months of the pandemic in the US (March 8 to June 8). People were eager to help. In fact, our weekly shift volume during the pandemic was higher than any week in 2019.

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4.   Most popular event types created: 35% of events created were phone banks. 23% were community events.

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5.   Popular event types attended: Trainings saw 26% of total shifts. Community events saw 17% of total shifts.

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6.   18,484 events were created between March 8 and June 8. 23% of them were hosted by volunteers.

7.   We provided 30 free accounts to organizations on the frontlines of the pandemic, and then featured them (along with 29 others) on (which received three features in Fast Company!)

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8.   Supporters took action in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

9.   68% of supporters who signed up for an action between March 8 and June 8 were women.

Data courtesy of Google Analytics which can only estimate gender identity in a binary fashion.

10.   23% of supporters who signed up for an action between March 8 and June 8 were age 25-34. The second most active age group was 65+.

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