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Volunteer management software for cities & municipalities

In order to manage and organize volunteers, city governments must invest in software that automates the job for them.

City governments, like most governments, require volunteers in order to keep everything running smoothly. Volunteering is mutually beneficial for both local governments and the volunteers. Volunteers are needed for beautification, emergency response, administrative tasks, among other things. By tapping into a volunteer base, the city saves money by reducing the cost of services. Volunteers also benefit because these activities are a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and feel pride in their local communities.

In larger cities, it can be challenging to manage city volunteers, especially when there is a greater range of services needed. By taking advantage of more volunteer management tools, cities will be able to more efficiently utilize their volunteer efforts. Software will allow them to track involvement, encourage super volunteers to take on more responsibilities, and communicate important information to their volunteers.

In order to manage and organize volunteers, city governments must invest in software that automates the job for them. It is only when they have the proper tools for volunteer organization that city officials can focus on the larger tasks at hand and spend less time on volunteer management. By investing in a volunteer management software, city governments will be able to allocate more of their time, energy, and resources to their citizens and communities.

Essential features of municipality volunteer management software

When used to help serve cities, volunteer management software should have several features:

  • The ability to create both virtual and in-person events for volunteers. Especially during 2021 when many stay-at-home orders are still in place, being able to host both types of events is vital for any software.
  • Accessibility through a city’s website, allowing volunteers to register for an event directly through a site’s landing page.
  • Permission access for multiple departments or locations. Many cities have different branches that would need to be able to access the event creation and volunteer contact information.

How Mobilize can help

Mobilize is a premiere volunteer recruitment and management platform. It has intuitive tools for creating both in-person and virtual events. City governments that use Mobilize can save time and automate communication tools, including pre-event messages and post-shift surveys. For example, if a city were hosting a park beautification event, they could use pre-event messaging to send volunteers important details about the event. This alleviates many of the worries of the volunteer organization by automating the process.

Mobilize also offers robust data reporting features, volunteer management tools, and integrations with other leading advocacy software providers. Mobilize’s Zoom integration makes hosting virtual events really simple, and its integrations with Slack allows for easy collaboration. Mobilize also has event creation permissions that allow your most dedicated advocates to host their own local and virtual events on your behalf.

Mobilize’s peer-to-peer recruitment (such as bring-a-friend asks and event suggestions) makes it easy for organizations to grow their audiences. Groups that use Mobilize will be able to access Mobilize’s growing network of volunteers of over 4 million individuals looking for their next cause to rally behind!

Getting started with Mobilize

If you are interested in Mobilize’s platform, sign up for a free starter account with Mobilize here—or meet someone from our team for a demo!

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