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Optimize your digital advocacy toolset with Mobilize

Mobilize offers a full range of advocacy tools that will help your organization recruit more advocates & grow your supporter base.

Mobilize is your one-stop shop for effective and measurable supporter engagement in 2021. We offer a full range of advocacy tools that will help your organization recruit more advocates, grow your supporter base, and drive meaningful action. By offering time-saving automation, valuable data integrations and reporting, and simple collaboration, we help you facilitate and track effective member mobilization. 

Advocacy groups are often stretched thin and experience difficulties pushing people to action, recruiting new supporters, and communicating the value of their programs. Now is the time to pick up an advocacy toolset that will make your job easier while widening your organization’s reach.

So, get ready to meet your newest virtual organizer. (Yup, that’s us.)

We help you recruit and retain supporters more easily.

One-stop shop for supporter engagement: The Mobilize events feed is your supporters’ central destination to take action. This will be the shared home for all of your supporters to take meaningful action with your organization. Your virtual or in-person events and online actions will be centralized in one easily accessible feed along with events you promote from other organizations.

Online actions provide supporters with the opportunity to take meaningful action in multiple ways. Utilizing our URL redirect, you can host various actions on your Mobilize page that will direct supporters and track engagement to external links such as recorded trainings, webinars, podcasts, voter registrations, and other government pages. Make use of pledge forms, legislative contact tools, and petitions to carry your message even farther and build your volunteer pipeline!

Powerful data at your fingertips: Your robust data capture will help inform strategic decisions related to the engagement, retention, and recruitment of supporters. We also have a host of useful integrations that will streamline the important work that you are doing and save you time and resources. 

No more time-consuming processes: Recruiting new supporters is half the battle! How will you keep them engaged and coming back for more? Our conversion-optimized platform helps your supporters do more with automated nudges via email and SMS, helping you automate reminders and send last minute details. 

Ensuring you know who attended an event and who did not can be time consuming, but we cut down the time your organization spends on it by automating attendance confirmation and post-action surveys that capture critical qualitative feedback. 

We empower your supporters. 

Build community with ease: Community building is an integral part of any movement, and with options like group chat and volunteer-hosted events, Mobilize allows you to create a blossoming community ready to take action around your cause.  

Turn supporters into leaders: Volunteer-hosted events will grow your grassroots power and scale your supporter list. They are proven to build community, increase capacity, better retain supporters, and expand geographic reach. In fact, supporters who attend a volunteer-hosted event are 2x more likely to be retained in future months. Mobilize automates volunteer host recruitment at key moments in the supporter lifecycle for you. 

Turn volunteers into donors: More and more supporters can be both your volunteers, advocates, and your donors. Utilizing our donation integration allows your organization to easily engage your supporters holistically, with small dollar donation asks at key moments, like signing up for an event or engaging in an online action. Mobilize data shows that over 20% of supporters initiate a donation when asked, and the average initiated donation is $31. 

Encourage supporters to sign up for events and take action with our automated event suggestions, and easily re-engage your supporters with our customizable weekly newsletter to keep them engaged.

We turbocharge your efforts with our network. 

By tapping into the Mobilize network, you’re accessing over 4M supporters and thousands of organizations ready to help your program grow, ultimately leading to 38% more signups with no extra effort. 

For example, Mobilize automatically prompts supporters to bring a friend with them after they register for an event; organizations on Mobilize see 11% more signups on average from these prompts. Similarly, organizations can cross-promote each other’s events, ultimately leading to 9% more signups on average.  

All organizations on Mobilize are also included in the national feed, the 5th largest on the platform and often a major signup referrer for partners. 

Achieve your mission with Mobilize

With Mobilize, your organizers will easily manage the full lifecycle of your supporters. We know how difficult organizing can be, so we built a robust platform to streamline the work. Our supporter journey is designed to maximize action and create meaningful impact. 

The easier it is for supporters to take action, share actions, and progress in their volunteer journey, the less time your organization spends on pesky administrative tasks. Instead you’ll be able to shift your focus to the things that matter—like advancing your mission and reaching more people.

The proof is in the pudding:

See what Mobilize can do for you.

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