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Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Checklist: Activate these 5 features in 5 minutes or less

With days until the election, we put together a quick list of high-impact features you can activate now to have a big impact on GOTV.

With days until the election, we put together a quick list of high-impact features you can activate now to have a big impact on GOTV. Together, these features could bring you up to 32% more signups and they’re all ridiculously easy to set up. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the features Mobilize has to offer before Get Out The Vote!

For Admins

Promotions: 10 seconds - 5 minutes to configure; 14% signup uplift

The Mobilize community is made up of many organizations and supporters. Our promotions feature allows you to tap into the network by highlighting the events of likeminded campaigns and organizations on your feed—and vice versa! 14% of signups platform-wide are driven through promotions and it’s easy as a click of a button!  


  •  Make sure the Enable promotions by other organizations toggle is switched on in your Settings tab, to allow organizations to find and promote you
  •  Go to the Promotions tab and search for your endorsed candidates, local organizations, and likeminded causes
  •  If you see any likeminded organizations in the list that might be interested in promoting your work, use the “Request Promotion” button to ask them to lift up your events!

Weekly Newsletter: 10 seconds to configure; 4-6% uplift

In September, we launched a personalized weekly event suggestion newsletter. In our testing, the newsletter generated 4-6% of overall signups, so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of it!

The newsletter is sent on Thursday afternoons to people who have signed up for past events or filled out the interest form on your feed.  It automatically suggests events based on the user’s zip code and attendance history.


  •  In your Settings tab, make sure the Automated recommendation newsletter section is set to send once a week
  •  Add a custom message to your newsletter by clicking on the Settings hyperlink

Fundraising: 10-60 seconds to configure; $$$

Why not raise some extra money? Our fundraising feature is quick to set up and automatically adds a donation ask to supporters after they register for events. 20% of users who see a fundraising ask on Mobilize donate and the average donation amount is $26.


  •  Go to your Settings tab and add a link to your fundraising page under Donations
  •  Add custom names and dollar amounts for an even more seamless donor experience

Bonus: Zoom integration & automatic check-in

Our new Zoom integration automatically registers supporters for Zoom meetings and Webinars when they sign up for a virtual Mobilize event. We’re offering the feature for FREE until the end of the year! Learn more.

To capture more attendance status data automatically, go to your Settings tab and turn on the toggle next to enable automated check-in for virtual events. This will update attendees’ statuses if they select the join link in email or SMS 30 minutes before the event.

For Organizers

Automated event suggestions: 0 - 60 seconds to configure; up to 12% uplift

12% (!!!) of Mobilize signups come from the automated event suggestions we send to supporters after registering. These nudges are on by default—no extra work required—but you can take it one step further and customize the event suggestions.  


  •  Make sure the Sign up for other events toggle is on (underneath Communications)
  •  Select Customize to add up to three event URLs to the automated email
  •  *Pro tip—leave all of the toggles under Communications on to drive more shifts with no extra effort

Virtual event features: 5 minutes; better volunteer experience

Our the last few months, we’ve added small but mighty features to the event creation process to improve the virtual event experience. Do a quick audit of your virtual events to get the most out of them—and to make sure your volunteers have a great experience and sign up for more shifts!


  •  Make sure your conference links are added to the video conference button on each timeslot. This ensures that the conference links end up in helpful places like a button in confirmation emails, and an SMS 30 minutes before the event
  •  Add Zoom event IDs (instead of links) to register volunteers for the Zoom conference automatically when they sign up for the event (note that the Zoom integration must be configured for automatic Zoom registration)
  •  Use the How to prepare field to tell volunteers what to expect from your event—will there be a training? Should they download an app? Arrive 10 minutes early?

Bonus: Online actions

Use our newest event type to automatically redirect signups to a petition, lead form or virtual commit-to-vote! Learn more here.

Good luck in the final stretch - you’ve got this! If you have any questions about activating these features, reach out to your Client Success Manager or send an email to

Finally, THANK YOU, for everything you’re doing to protect our democracy.

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