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Fundraising makes its way to Mobilize

Learn about fundraising on Mobilize. We're making big changes so your organization can make a huge impact.

Since its inception in 2017, Mobilize has provided a destination for volunteers to maximize their impact. Though our core mission has been connecting volunteers to the right volunteer opportunities for them, over the last few years we’ve worked closely with our partners to expand the ways that a supporter can take action on Mobilize beyond volunteering, because we know that there are many ways to show up and show your support.

Supporters can now host their own events, contact their legislators, show support for issues through pledges and petitions, and connect to their network, all on Mobilize. And an increasing number of supporters are coming directly to Mobilize to find ways to support the causes they care about.

We know that donating is another key way that supporters can show support for a cause, and since mid-2019 Mobilize has provided partners with the ability to fundraise on Mobilize through our post-signup donation asks. Since then, over 100,000 donations averaging between $29-$35 have been initiated after supporters sign up and at other key points in the supporter journey.

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing fundraising to the forefront of the Mobilize experience with our new EveryAction integration for Grassroots Fundraising.

To get started, submit this form and our Customer Success team will be in touch to help you get started!

Visit the EveryAction website to learn more about EveryAction's secure payment processing.

So, what does fundraising on Mobilize look like?

1. Fundraising Campaigns (Live Now!)

When you connect your EveryAction Online Contribution forms to Mobilize, you can now include donation asks in your feed alongside other events and actions, in your weekly automated newsletter, in partner organizations' feeds, and on Mobilize.Us.

Supporters will be able to complete their payment without leaving Mobilize, and Mobilize increases conversion by pre-filling form details and credit cards from millions of Mobilize and FastAction users. And just like supporters signing up to an event or signing a petition, donors making a contribution on Mobilize will receive automated nudges to share the campaign with friends (22% of supporters come from these friend-to-friend referrals) and take further action (15% of signups are from automated event suggestions).

or reach out to to get started.

2. Donate-to-RSVP (Live Now!)

We’ve also incorporated these new fundraising capabilities into the bread-and-butter of Mobilize: events. Now, when creating a new in-person or virtual event, you have the option to ask supporters for a donation during the signup process. Supporters can donate and complete their RSVP simultaneously on Mobilize.

Like events and other fundraising campaigns, these fundraising-enabled events are able to appear in your feed on Mobilize.Us, in your weekly automated newsletter, and in other spots where Mobilize automatically suggests events.

Supporters who donate and RSVP will receive Mobilize's optimized event reminders and follow-up emails that help ensure your supporters show up, bring friends, and come back! The organizers of your fundraising events also have access to the same messaging, reporting, and check-in tools that we've developed for standard events.

We’re excited to bring together the supporter journey and time-saving automation of Mobilize events with fundraising to help you further your mission.

3. Distributed fundraising (Early access available now!)

Building off the success of event campaigns in 2020, the final phase of the new Mobilize & EveryAction Fundraising capabilities will empower supporters to create their own fundraising events and fundraising pages, and engage their networks to fundraise on your behalf.

As with event campaigns today, distributed fundraising on Mobilize will allow you to:

  • Automatically recruit your most engaged supporters to create their own fundraising pages and host fundraising events via email and SMS
  • Tap into your donors’ networks more easily: fundraisers, like event hosts, can invite friends and message their past connections right from their intuitive Mobilize dashboard and tools like event chat and messaging
  • Grow your donor list through automated bring-a-friend asks, discovery on Mobilize.Us, and the partner network of over 1,000 mission-driven organizations.
  • Use your fundraising activities to drive more action; supporters and donors can be engaged to take part in other events, volunteer shifts, and advocacy via our automated recruitment tools

Distributed fundraising is now available for early access partners. Get started today and help build the future of fundraising –>
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