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Product Updates

Helping people discover your events

We’re constantly improving Mobilize to better help people discover your events and actions.

Last March, we rolled out the Newsletter which brings your Mobilize events straight to the inboxes of over 1 million supporters and drives around 5% of sign ups.  Over the past few weeks, we’ve built out features to help bring more supporters to your events without you having to lift a finger. Let’s check them out!

Improved Search Listings

We know a lot of supporters find your events by using search engines like Google, so we improved the metadata on pages.  

With these improvements, your events can now display times below them and are able to appear in Google event boxes. (Note: Your events will not always appear this way. Google contextually decides how and when events will appear with extra data.)

Free Text Search

Some supporters come to Mobilize knowing exactly what they are looking for so we’ve added free text search to make their journey easier.  Supporters have always been able to search for an event by event type, tag, and location, but now they can search event descriptions and names for whatever they want.

Say a volunteer wants to find events for the Earth Day. They can now visit, type “Earth Day” into the search bar, and find various options and opportunities.

Event Suggestions on Event Pages

Often times, whether it’s coming from Google Search or clicking on an older email, people end up on expired events and events that don’t match their schedule.  To help keep them looped into your latest events,  we’ve added event suggestions on the bottom of the event page and we now collapse the event details when an event is expired.  Around 2% of signups are coming from these new suggestions—and we only expect that percentage to increase.

Only events that are available in the feed that is promoting the event will be eligible for suggestion.  You can disable suggestions from appearing on any individual event page by disabling event suggestions for that event.

Carousels on the Feed

We know that people aren’t always looking for the nearest event to them. Often people want to get involved online, make an impact immediately, etc. To help supporters on find the events that they are looking for, we’ve added carousels to the top of feeds with different categories of your events based on these common searches. We plan to add even more options here in the future!

Landing Pages on

Many times people come to knowing what cause they are looking for—but not the organization they want to get involved with. To help bring more of these supporters to your organization, we created landing pages based on popular searches and added links to them from the bottom of the main Mobilize home page.  

Qualifying for some of these pages depends on your organization type or the event type, but for most of these pages you can make sure your event is featured by labeling it with the appropriate tag.  

Driving more supporters to our platform and to your cause is one of our top priorities. We plan to continue to improve these features as our network continues to grow.

Drop us a line if you have any feedback!

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