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Our big wins in the 1st quarter of 2020 (& a look ahead at Q2)

Mobilize continues to thrive in 2020 by adapting quickly to big changes.

We are honored to be a part of so many important, progressive movements. So far this year, Mobilize has launched a new brand, website, and blog, better representing our work (and the work of our amazing partners!) to the world.

Despite major global challenges, we’ve maintained momentum and continued to thrive by adapting quickly to big changes (and helping our partners do the same).

Our network supercharged both organizers’ and supporters’ efforts

  • Over 216,000 events were created by nearly 2,000 organizations (campaigns, state parties, advocacy organizations, nonprofits, etc.)
  • We saw 3x more actions in Q1 than in Q4. 1.04mm individuals signed up for 1.46mm actions
  • In February alone, we saw 581,000 individuals sign up for 733,000 actions
  • Distributed organizing capabilities enabled volunteers to host 31,000 events in just three months. This compares to 29,000 events across all of 2019

Use of Mobilize went online in light of COVID-19

  • We focused on prioritizing safety by promoting the use of virtual organizing and providing new tools for organizers.
  • We were able to support clients in their successful transition to virtual organizing through through one-on-one contact and resources across our site and blog.
  • Despite social distancing, volunteers continued to sign up to get involved. Our weekly sign-up volume is currently higher than any week in 2019!  
  • We moved to be a 100% remote team

This quarter we are on track to:

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