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How to maximize small dollar donors for #GivingTuesday using Mobilize

Turn on these Mobilize fundraising features to maximize #GivingTuesday donations.

As we face a surging pandemic and the approaching holiday season, asking for donations may seem a bit uncomfortable—but your organization’s work is needed now more than ever! As your work picks up throughout the start of winter, it is safe to say that you will need more help from supporters and donors than ever before. 

With #GivingTuesday approaching, you may be wondering what more you can do to ensure that your organization is tapping into the right networks to receive the support you need. As predictions for #GivingTuesday total donations exceed $600M, it is important that you optimize your Mobilize events for fundraising. 

We have seen more than 13% of users initiate a donation averaging $31 when shown a prompt to give back. This simple addition to your upcoming Mobilize events gives you the type of passive giving that will help you trickle towards your #GivingTuesday fundraising goals. Scaling smaller dollar donations from a broad group of supporters can be critical in closing fundraising gaps. 

Fundraising on Mobilize empowers you to tap into a network of supporters that are already committed to your cause. After signing up to take an action with your organization, supporters are particularly motivated and twice as likely to donate. 

Let’s tap into your Mobilize fundraising settings.

  • Mobilize allows you to integrate your favorite donation service to our platform by using your donation link and setting specific dollar amount options for supporters to choose from. Once you have updated those features, you can then configure your events to ask for donations. You don’t have to wait until #GivingTuesday—make a small ask whenever you host an event or online action. 
  • By creating an Online Action in your Mobilize dashboard, you can then create a “fundraiser” event and insert a link to your donation page as your CTA. 
  • You can also ask supporters to donate in the notification emails that get sent out by your organization through Mobilize. Is your organization sending out the automated weekly newsletter? Donation asks can be included in those emails, too! If you aren’t in need of additional funds, consider redirecting your donations to another like-minded organization with a mission that aligns with your own. 

Need additional tips? Check out Mobilize’s 5 tips to turn volunteers into fundraisers for #GivingTuesday to explore how you can maximize your existing network. 

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