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Product Updates

Introducing the Friday Newsletter

We started sending the Mobilize newsletter, a way for supporters to discover new opportunities and for organizations to grow their base.

Supporters Discovering New Opportunities

The newsletter goes out on Friday mornings (just in time to sign up for events that weekend) and includes personalized suggestions for supporters based on their zip code, past organizations they’ve been involved with, and the past events they’ve attended.  

It goes to around ~1 million supporters, many of which are part of the Mobilize organization.  If someone receives the newsletter but would prefer not to, they can tap “Unsubscribe” in the footer of the newsletter. (Don’t worry, this will only unsubscribe them from the Friday newsletter—they’ll still get other important emails like event reminders and organization newsletters.)

Organizations Growing your Supporter Base

The newsletter is already helping organizations grow their network and build community around their cause.  It contributed ~5% of RSVPs on the Mobilize platform in the past two weeks and generated over 10% of RSVPs for more than 50 organizations.  

If you’d like to make sure your events are eligible to show up in the newsletter:

You can also do a few things to increase the chance of your events showing up:

We’ll be continuing to improve the suggestions so we can help supporters discover relevant events and actions!

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