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Zodiac the Vote: Where politics meets astrology

Learn more about how Zodiac the Vote combines astrology with political activism.
"We're not here to predict the future. We're here to change it."

This is what Oakland-based astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo, shared about her voter engagement organization, Zodiac the Vote. Lanyadoo has a podcast and a huge social media following. She uses them both to connect with citizens and encourage them to become more civically engaged. Zodiac the Vote was naturally the next step.

Lanyadoo worked with Lindsey Scola to use Mobilize’s cross-promotion features to connect followers to volunteer opportunities. Zodiac the Vote can select groups on Mobilize to sponsor and recruit supporters for, all of which are organized into one dashboard. These groups include Swing Left, Color of Change and other progressive organizations.

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The goal of the group is to inspire civic engagement. Lanyadoo knows her audience, and she knows that many of them may not be inclined to volunteer despite caring about social justice issues. She meets her audience where they are by connecting spirituality to tangible volunteer opportunities. Like Mobilize, Lanyadoo makes volunteering as simple as possible so it is more accessible to her followers.

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Back in November, Zodiac the Vote released a “Mercury in Retrograde Voter Guide” to provide information about how to get registered, where to vote, and registration deadlines. She made all of this information public for her followers and the catchy title was an extra push to learn more about how to vote.

In Mobilize’s conversation with Lanyadoo, she talks about making civic engagement popular in astrology and spirituality again. She even suggests that members of the spiritual community implement giving back to the community into their new or full moon rituals. What if it was as fashionable to write letters to the elderly as it was to wear a rose quartz? Or if people did more than manifest and volunteered to pick up trash or host food banks?  

3 common myths about volunteering for a political campaign

As the interest in spirituality rises across society, Zodiac the Vote envisions it as a viable tool to combat political inaction and create positive social change. Astrology and spirituality are already being weaponized to lure impressionable individuals into the QAnon and other conspiracist paths. Lanyadoo hopes to engage with voters to the same magnitude in order to influence the vote for a more progressive and democratic society.

There is so much potential for astrology to be used to accomplish real, tangible change in the world. Many go to spirituality because they feel lost, and volunteering can help them find community and purpose. Volunteering does not need to be inherently political or even liberal. Mobilize users can look for opportunities to donate food, write letters to the elderly, or tutor kids.

Interested in volunteering with Zodiac the Vote? Find opportunities on their Mobilize feed:

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