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What is virtual organizing?

The new face of events management and volunteer engagement in the wake of COVID-19.

Virtual organizing consists of any opportunities for volunteers, supporters, and advocates that happens online rather than in-person. These actions can be taken remotely from anywhere, and don’t require a physical address. 

Mobilize has always had virtual event capabilities, but given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are building additional capabilities to enhance the virtual organizing experience. Your work depends on it! 

Here are some of the ways our nonprofit, electoral, advocacy, labor, and governmental partners use Mobilize for virtual actions:

  • Training volunteers 
  • Phone-banking and text-banking for campaigns and organizations at all levels 
  • Tele-town halls, fireside chats, and webinars (even happy hours!) 
  • Calls to ensure that people know where and when to vote, and how to get to the polls
  • Encouraging people to complete the census
  • Gathering online signatures for petitions 
  • Coming together in (virtual) community for support and important discussions 
  • Book clubs
  • + anything else you can think of! 

We’re committed to helping our partners maximize their impact by adding virtual opportunities to their Mobilize feeds. With a little creativity, it’s possible to transition almost any opportunity you have in person to a virtual one! 

See what Mobilize can do for you.

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