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Webinar: GOTV Best Practices on Mobilize

Learn more about how you can use Mobilize to help get out the vote.

GOTV is here and we want to make sure you all know the best practices on Mobilize to help get out the vote. In this webinar, our team discusses how to use Mobilize for GOTV planning, some of the updates we've made since the 2020 election, and a few frequently asked questions. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out via Chat on your Mobilize dashboard or email us at

Here are the highlights from each section of this webinar:

Using Mobilize for GOTV Planning (1:28)

  • Make your events early!
  • Create a single event for each GOTV location
  • Ensure your focus is on GOTV

Get the word out to get out the vote! (3:27)

  • Start promoting your events via social media, email, and text
  • Include a Mobilize link everywhere you can!
  • Use tags to organize your events-GOTV is very popular!
  • Organizers can share their personalized event links

VAN Integration (5:35)

  • Why is my event missing from VAN?
  • How do I add more event types?

Promotions (7:43)

  • Put your events in front of new audiences to expand your reach
  • Fill your events feed with relevant opportunities
  • Collect data about actions your supporters take for other organizations

Mobilize Updates–What's new since the 2020 election (9:11)

  • Add attendees search & autocomplete
  • Volunteer schedule updates
  • Coming soon: select all timeslots
  • Available in beta: Zapier integration
  • Available in beta: Statewide events

Frequently Asked Questions (19:32)

  • How do I see who's coming to my event?
  • Where is my requested export?
  • How can I delete a time slot?

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