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Ways to organize against racism and injustice

How organizers can support minority communities following the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and more.

Mobilize stands with those fighting against systemic racism and police brutality in our country. We're proud to support our partners and other organizations on the frontlines of this issue. Want to support their efforts? Here are ways to get involved. #BlackLivesMatter

The news and social media have been flooded with stories of the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and more. These tragedies have triggered widespread rage, sadness, and helplessness. Supporters are seeking ways to fight injustice and support mission-driven organizations during this time. As activists, we cannot allow the public outcry to fade away beneath the next viral topic.

Should your organization want to get involved, there are many types of events you can put together. Some events seek to confront and challenge racist institutions, while others aim to comfort vulnerable communities. Organized volunteers have the power to educate, empower, and support those who need it most right now.

Depending on your organization’s audience, different events may be more effective. Below, we’re sharing relevant events from our partners to inspire you to create your own.  

Focus on mental health

Undercounted: Let Black Men Speak with Fair Count

Hosed on Facebook Live, Fair Count will discuss the impact that the news has on mental wellbeing. This event will feature black men who are doing the day-to-day work in their communities.

Black Mental Health Matters with Michigan Organizing Together 2020

Another partner, Michigan Organizing 2020, put together a roundtable to discuss black mental health. At this event, attendees came together to express how these traumatic events have impacted them.

Honor lives lost

OT2020 Virtual Vigil with Florida Organizing Together 2020

This group asked registrants to bring a candle or phone light to sit in solidarity and silence to remember George Floyd and other black lives lost.

Berlin Borough Black Lives Matter March & Vigil with Cooper River Indivisible

Attendees are asked to join a peaceful march and vigil—following social distancing guidelines—to remember lives lost.

Organizing Together in Solidarity Virtual Mobilization with Pennsylvania Organizing Together 2020

This group is brought together music performers, community organizers, guests speakers and more to provide space for attendees to honor those lost

Black Lives Matter Virtual Vigil with NextGen NV

This virtual vigil will honor the lives lost to police brutality and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The community will share experiences and art, and NextGen will share resources about actions to take. .

Bring communities together

Soul Good Sunday with Texas Democrats

Texas Democrats dedicated an event to self-care, so that their supporters could process recent events as a community.

Town Hall On Anti-Black Racism and Racial Justice with NextGen Pennsylvania

Community activists will share their unique perspectives on anti-black racism and racial justice. Events like these educate supporters and inspire them to initiate the tough conversations with people in their lives as well.

Veteran Community Conversation on Violence Against Black People in America with Vets for the People

This event was designed for veterans committed to anti-racism and transformative change. Vets for the People aimed to center the voices and experiences of black veterans and veterans of color, and the ways that they have been exploited as a weapon against the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Educate and analyze

#RISE: Coming Together Through Community Engagement with DC College Dems

Panelists will will share personal experiences and offer advice for how we, as a nation, can respond, remember, and prevent future events of police brutality and racially-motivated violence. DC College Dems is also hosting discussions on the system and consequences of police brutality and what it's like to be a black student in America.

Discussion: Taking Action for Black Lives with Sunrise Movement

Even though Sunrise Movement's primary focus isn't on racial and social justice, they are hosting meetings to discuss the importance of this work and how they can support it.

Conversation Addressing Health Disparities in Communities of Color with Suraj Patel

This live-streamed discussion will talk about the health disparities in communities of color, with a focus on COVID-19’s impact on minority communities in New York and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Make it social

Juneteenth Jeopardy and Happy Hour with NextGen Nevada

NextGen is hosting a game of Jeopardy to celebrate Juneteenth and generate discussion around issues facing the Black community. After the game, the event features a Juneteenth-inspired mocktail menu.

#RunWithMaud with ActionPAC

In response to Ahmaud Arbery’s killing, ActionPAC asked supporters to honor his memory and stand in solidarity with his family but running 2.23 miles on his birthday. While runners followed social distancing protocols on their runs, the event went viral on social media enabling hundreds of thousands of supporters to engage and share their experiences virtually.

Paint and Protest with NextGen NV

This event features a Las Vegas artist, Jackie, who will be leading a painting session for attendees. This event will also include an art demonstration that embodies Black Lives Matter and Pride.

Real-time inspiration

To better surface our partners racial and social justice work, we've compiled the Mobilize Against Racism dashboard, which will be updated daily with the latest relevant events. Browse the feed to gather inspiration for your organization's events, or sign up to attend one yourself.

Other steps you can take

Encourage donations

There are many groups such as Black Lives Matter, Minnesota Freedom Fund, Color of Change, and Reclaim the Block that are seeking donations. ActBlue is enabling you to split a donation across 40 bail bunds. Encourage event attendees and supporters to donate to these causes. (If your organization is on Mobilize, don't forget to utilize the donation redirect feature.)

Match donations

By offering to match donations, organizers encourage supporters to give as much as they can to organizations that could desperately use the funds. Check out Mobilize’s list of organizations to donate to and select one that fits your mission best.

Use your platform to spread resources

Similar to donation links, there are petitions, educational initiatives, and other resources that you can share. Your platform—your website, social media presence, and email list—is a powerful tool that can be used to spread these resources to more people.

Promote events from other organizations

On Mobilize, you can promote other organizations so their events will show up on your dashboard as well. If you are interested in supporting any of the organizations featured above, consider promoting their events on your page.

Are you hosting an event on Mobilize to fight injustice and racism in our country? Let us know at @LetsMobilizeUs so we can help promote your efforts.

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