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5 top volunteer management training programs & resources

Learn more about volunteer management training programs and our top recommendations!

Volunteer managers who are looking to develop their skills and grow as organizers should consider signing up for volunteer management training courses. These courses allow volunteer managers to learn more from experts about top training practices, and there are programs for everyone! There are many options available ranging in different topics, timeframes, and pricing.

Learn more about volunteer management training programs and our top recommendations!

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Volunteer Management Training FAQ

What are volunteer management training programs?

Volunteer management training programs teach organizers the practical skills required to recruit, train, retain, and reward nonprofit volunteers. These courses are taught by experts who have experience managing volunteers, and they cover the best practices relevant to today’s volunteer manager.

Why complete a volunteer management training program?

Many volunteer management training programs offer certificates upon completion. These certifications can be great for boosting a resume when looking for jobs in volunteer management! Volunteer management is also a key skill for empowering volunteers to make the greatest impact within your organization. Experts and teachers offer valuable advice and guidance about volunteer management best practices.

Training programs also range from general management to more specific tasks such as volunteer onboarding, effective communications, and recruitment. No matter what skill volunteer managers are seeking to build upon, they can find training courses in that specific subject.

How much do volunteer management training programs cost?

Organizers are invited to look into volunteer management training programs that meet their budgets, because different courses cost different amounts. Volunteer managers can even find free training programs such as,, and other services we listed below.

How long do volunteer management training programs take to complete?

Volunteer management training programs can range in length of time. There are courses that are self-taught, span a few days, or can even take a few weeks. This is because volunteer management training courses can provide very general overviews or focus on incredibly specific, niche volunteer topics.

Who should consider volunteer management training programs?

Anyone interested in training or managing volunteers is encouraged to seek out volunteer management training programs. These programs empower organizers to get the most out of their volunteers, and they hone and develop valuable leadership skills such as recruitment, training, and management. Overall, they benefit volunteers, volunteer managers, and the important organizations that they power.

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Top volunteer management training programs

State nonprofit associations or centers

The National Council of Nonprofits is a valuable resource for charitable nonprofits in the US. They curate tools, samples, and other educational resources, and they focus on state-to-state data and information.

Organizers can use this resource to learn more about how to manage finances, understand how policy impacts their work, and more. They have even started offering courses focused on remote work and virtual organizing.

Nonprofit Leadership Center certificate

This interactive program teaches volunteer management best practices. In three half-day sessions, participants learn about planning volunteer programs, recruiting volunteers, supervising, and more. Organizers who participate in this program earn a volunteer management certificate.

Nonprofit.Courses free resources

Nonprofit.Courses offers over 1,000 videos and podcasts for new volunteer managers. These courses cover everything from grant writing to volunteer onboarding, and many of them are free.

Courses like these are perfect for organizers who want to teach themselves and learn at their own pace. Without strict hours, volunteer managers can educate themselves in a way that fits their schedule. They can also focus on more specific topics that apply to their own organization.

Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration

The Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA), awards participants a professional certification in volunteer management. Individuals leave the program with the knowledge needed to recruit, onboard, and lead volunteers. The webinars are led by professionals and are designed to help organizers maximize the impact of volunteer involvement. course roundups

These free courses by are led by experts and teach volunteers practical skills for leading volunteers. These organizing skills include recruitment, onboarding, development, and retention of nonprofit volunteers. Their site allows volunteers to get as general or specific as they’d prefer in their training, and they even offer just basic toolkits.

How volunteer management software helps

Regardless of your organization’s size or experience, using dedicated software to help recruit and manage supporters will strengthen any of the strategies you learn in a training program. In order to effectively recruit and manage your volunteers like a long-time pro, you need the right tools. Software tools like Mobilize empower organizers to track the activity and success of volunteers easily. With auto-confirmation texts and emails, bring-a-friend nudges, and other features, Mobilize enables any organization to get the most out of their volunteers.

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