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Virtual Volunteering: 7 Examples & Future Trends

These virtual volunteering examples will help your organization step up your virtual event game! Check them out.

At Mobilize, we’ve seen a tremendous uptick in the volunteer opportunities offered in the digital space. With that being said, one thing has been made clear—virtual volunteering is here to stay. Virtual volunteering provides more flexibility than traditional in-person volunteering in many instances and allows people to get involved with various causes from wherever they are in the world. 

By offering virtual volunteering opportunities on an online platform, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience of potential volunteers and increase the amount of cause-driven supporters you have working towards achieving your mission.

Virtual Volunteering Examples to Try

Virtual volunteering describes a volunteer that completes a shift or task remotely with the assistance of an Internet-connected electronic device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Popular volunteer activities such as phone banking, writing/design, and counseling can often be conducted remotely, and organizations can draw in more volunteers by posting these types of opportunities online. 

Take a look at some of these exciting virtual volunteering opportunities:

  • Administrative online work like translating documents, proofreading, transcribing
  • Designing web pages or websites
  • Editing or writing proposals
  • Writing online or print publications
  • Designing graphics
  • Home phone banking
  • Online tutoring or mentoring
  • Leading live online events or classes
  • 7 Virtual Volunteer Ideas on Mobilize

7 Virtual Volunteer Ideas on Mobilize

1. Virtual town hall - Tele-Town Hall with the National Education Association

The economic damage brought on by the pandemic had educators around the country wondering what they and supporters could do to repair it. This highly attended virtual town hall had great discussion and guests like Vice President Kamala Harris and Representative Jahana Hayes popped in, too. 

2. Online webinar - The Intersectionality of COVID-19 and Gender Equality with Generation Ratify

This virtual event was centered around the impact of the pandemic on gender equity and marginalized genders. Attendees were able to learn more about how the pandemic reduced abortion access, increased menstrual product prices, and increased the rate of domestic violence. With the help of Mobilize’s private detail sections, Generation Ratify was able to protect the event from outside disruption such as Zoombombing.

3. Virtual discussions - Pride Series: Mayor Pete Buttigieg with DNC Youth Organizing

This event was a part of a series designed to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and the progress that has been made throughout the years. A variety of elected officials such as Mayor Pete Bittgieg joined college and high school democrats to discuss the issues they faced and progress that has been made.

4. Virtual vigil - Pulse Nightclub Virtual Vigil with Texas Democratic Party

This hour-long vigil was held in remembrance of victims lost to hate crimes. It was also a space to affirm the strength of hate crime survivors and to acknowledge the work that still must be done to protect LGBTQ+ Texans from hate crimes. 

5. Virtual phone bank - Virtual Phone Bank with Swing Left

This event allowed volunteers to review the script, best phone banking practices, and dialer for an upcoming phone bank. During this event, new volunteers were able to ease into becoming acquainted with participating in phone banks by listening to voter issues, identifying support for candidates, and cleaning up lists to be used in the future. 

6. Virtual book club - "Our Time is Now" Virtual Book Club with Building Bridges for America

This special book club event series was centered around a reading of Stacey Abrams’ “Our Time is Now.” Each week included a 30-minute Q&A session with a special guest as well as a 45-minute discussion of the weekly reading. 

7. Virtual movie night - Movie Night with the Young Democrats of Orange County

This fun event allowed volunteers and supporters to come together and spend time together in a light-hearted way. The movie of choice was “One night in Miami” and since it was a virtual event, volunteers from all over were able to come together safely. 

Virtual Volunteering Trend: What Does The Future Look Like?

Virtual volunteering is here to stay. Not only is it necessary as we continue to fight the pandemic, but it empowers more supporters to join your cause no matter where they are. Given the fact that many people are still confined to the indoors, there are many people eager out there to make an impact from under their roofs. 

Make sure you and your organization remain on top on recruiting and managing virtual volunteers and ensure that your event attendees are making the most of your events. Hybrid events— events that blend components of a live and virtual event together—are also becoming increasingly popular as they put us one step closer to in-person events. Things such as on-site rapid testing and pre-event health screenings are helping those interested in making the move towards hybrid events. With these sorts of healthy precautions in place, virtual and in-person attendees will be able to have a shared experience unlike anything we've seen before.

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