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Best nonprofit software: 10 tools you can’t miss out on

Our list of the best software tools for everything your nonprofit needs.

Nonprofit organizations have many options when it comes to the tools they can use to manage their movement. The number of choices can be overwhelming, making it difficult to focus their energy on their cause. Here's our list of the best software for everything your nonprofit needs.

Mobilize: Best nonprofit software for volunteer management

Mobilize is the leading online platform and centralized destination for your volunteer management program. We connect organizations with the passionate supporters they need to help drive their missions forward.

Our tools are designed to meet the needs of mission-based organizations of all shapes and sizes, including nonprofits, political campaigns, unions, and advocacy groups.

The Mobilize impact

We've helped over 4.4 million volunteers take 16 million actions for the causes that matter to them, and we're just getting started!

Organizations using Mobilize as their volunteer management software have seen significant benefits for both their recruitment and engagement efforts.

With streamlined tools and access to an unparalleled network of supporters and partners, users have doubled their sign-up rates through online channels and increased attendance by 30% or more.

Automated reminder messages and emails before volunteer opportunities can reduce no-shows by up to 30%, and post-event surveys fill a critical knowledge gap, giving you insights to continue improving your volunteer management processes in the future. On average, 32% of volunteers share in-depth qualitative feedback on the Mobilize platform.

These benefits, plus Mobilize's robust data reporting and management tools, can give your organization a solid foundation on which to grow an effective volunteer management program. Soon you’ll be able to fundraise with Mobilize! By partnering with EveryAction, we’ll make it easy for supporters to donate to your cause or host events on your behalf.

Handle every part of the volunteer journey with Mobilize, from recruitment and initial engagement to long-term retention and empowerment.

Double the Donation: Best nonprofit software for corporate philanthropy

Overview of Double the Donation

Double the Donation is a leading provider of corporate philanthropy data and tools designed with one goal in mind: helping mission-driven organizations raise more support without asking supporters for additional donations or volunteer time.

Their comprehensive database of corporate philanthropy programs and embeddable search tool make it easy for your volunteers to quickly check their eligibility, submit a request, and send a free grant of additional support to your organization.

Why it stands out

Corporate philanthropy programs (particularly volunteer grant programs) are a seriously underutilized resource by nonprofits and supporters alike. For organizations with strong volunteer programs in place, this additional source of free revenue can be significant.

Offering an easy way to boost supporters' impact goes a long way to deepen your relationships and build stronger ties with them, translating into increased retention and engagement over the long-run. It's a win-win, and Double the Donation's tools make it easy for both your organization and your supporters to get started.

Hustle: Best nonprofit software for text to give and text automation

Hustle is a top provider of volunteer management software and communication tools geared exclusively towards peer-to-peer texting.

The platform contains a complete set of tools for creating your text campaigns, developing communication scripts, mobilizing your team, and tracking all of your data and results. Hustle makes it easy to reach wider audiences and drive stronger results in the forms of donations, pledges, sign-ups, advocacy actions, or whatever your goals might be.

Why it stands out

Hustle stands out because it's the leading software provider for one of the most effective communication methods for mission-based organizations. After all, 95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent! That's much more effective than the average email blast.

Plus, Hustle's one-on-one texting features provide an extremely personable and positive experience for recipients, boosting engagement.

To see Hustle and Mobilize in action, check out our joint webinar all about managing virtual text banking volunteers!

Phone2Action: Best for advocacy phone banking

Phone2Action is a leading provider of volunteer management software for organizations that conduct digital advocacy campaigns, especially when it comes to communication.

This platform's features make it easy for your advocates to take action through a number of different channels, including email, webform, social media, and phone calls.

Why it stands out

Advocacy campaigns can be logistically challenging. Mobilizing your entire supporter base to take action around a particular issue, often in the form of contacting lawmakers regarding a specific piece of legislation, requires highly coordinated communication.

Phone2Action's complete set of features have you covered. These tools not only make it easy for your advocates to communicate with their lawmakers but also for your organization to communicate with your advocates via text message and email.

Plus, Phone2Action integrates with Mobilize! Check out our joint webinar on virtual advocacy best practices to see both platforms in action.

EveryAction: Best software for donor management

EveryAction is a CRM platform designed with advocacy organizations and nonprofits in mind. As a centralized digital location for your supporter data, fundraising efforts, and advocacy campaigns, this database software can give your organization a 360-degree view of your performance. Running and tracking multi-channel advocacy campaigns from one centralized system allows for holistic reporting and easy segmentation of supporter data.

Why it stands out

EveryAction fills an important gap that many advocacy organizations are faced with: unifying all of your campaign data and efforts within a single system. Data from phone banking, canvassing, and volunteer shifts is stored alongside digital advocacy and fundraising information for a complete look into your supporters’ interactions with your organization. As a CRM platform designed specifically for nonprofit fundraising and advocacy campaigns, there’s no need to invest endless hours and resources in completely re-configuring the system to suit your needs. Plus, ready-made integrations with other leading advocacy software (like Mobilize) makes it easy to build out your EveryAction instance as needed.

Explore the EveryAction platform to learn more.

Donately: Best software for custom donation forms

Donately makes it simple for donors to support your nonprofit’s cause. They do this by simplifying the process and increasing online revenue. They use donation forms, fundraising pages, and a text messaging platforming to provide modern avenues for collecting donations digitally. Donately can integrate with other web apps to automate the donation process, making it an easy addition to your organization’s current fundraising toolkit.

Why it stands out

Donately’s peer-to-peer fundraising pages are 8 times more likely to convert traffic to a donation than industry benchmarks. This tool allows donors to raise money on your cause’s behalf. It instantly expands your organization’s donor network and drives donations without adding any advertising expenses.

DonorSearch: Best software for prospect research

DonorSearch connects causes with potential donors by incorporated artificial intelligence into the fundraising strategy. Over 6,500 nonprofits including the Boston Children’s Hospital, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Smithsonian use DonorSearch to help them build relationships with more donors. DonorSearch also easily integrates with over 30 CRM and fundraising systems!

Why it stands out

DonorSearch’s use of artificial intelligence makes it stick out among other tools. The artificial intelligence identifies donors, expands the prospect list, predicts a person’s giving capacity, and connects the use to the most likely donors.

This use of artificial intelligence makes the process for accurate and efficient by taking the guesswork out of prospecting. The most ready-to-give donors are easily identified for your organization!

iATS Payments: Best software for payment processing

iATS Payments is an all-in-one payments solution. They let users handle international, USD, CDN, and ACH processing in a single platform. This makes it easy for users to do it all in one place. Their support staff, security, and payment options make them the best option for processing payments. Their client retention rate is 3.5 times the industry standard.

Why it stands out

iATS Payments is the only payment processing solution designed exclusively for nonprofits. It caters specifically to a nonprofit organization’s needs! Their support team is familiar with your organization’s processes, making them the best-suited to assist your mission.

OneCause: Best software for silent auctions

OneCause empowers your nonprofit’s mission by streamlining fundraising events. The Mobile Bidding allows guests to bid straight from their phones, which simplifies the execution and enables the organization to receive more bids. By maximizing your charity’s auctions, you will raise more for your cause. They also offer guides on how to host the most effective fundraising silent auctions.

Why it stands out

OneCause offers a do-it-yourself solution for onsite events as well as online events. This unique customization feature allows organizations to alter the bidding options.

They also automate the arrival and closing out processes to eliminate lines and long waits. This simplifies the process and provides your organization with post-event analytics.

Boardable: Best software for nonprofit boards

Boardable’s board management and meeting software enables boards, committees, and teams to focus on their mission rather than the details of their meetings. Their tools empower efficient, effective collaboration that takes your team from discussion to action.

Their tools include agenda builders, meetings centers, document centers, e-signatures, and more.

Why it stands out

Boardable provides the best option for hybrid board meetings. As these types of hybrid meetings gain popularity, nonprofits require the best tools to keep them moving smoothly. Boardable’s tools make it easy to combine in-person meetings with digital ones, so your organization can easily focus on the important topics at hand rather than the logistics.

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