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Monthly Mobilize Recap: May Updates!

Check out our Monthly Mobilize Recap to learn more about what's going on at Mobilize!

We’re excited to share our new case study with All On The Line to explain how they used Mobilize to recruit and develop over 1,500 advocates through Redistricting U! We also share a highly anticipated product update to help organizations easily track volunteer hours. Additionally, LGBTQ+ Pride Month is almost here, and we explain where you can find events or actions to celebrate the progress we've made towards equality or advocate on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. Lastly, we highlight some of the ideas that have been shared on the Mobilize Ideas Portal and product updates we’ve introduced over the past few months.


Team Mobilize

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Learn how All On The Line developed 1,500 redistricting advocates through their training series, Redistricting U

After the 2020 Census, All On The Line saw an opportunity to educate people about the democratic process and discuss an important issue: gerrymandering. Redistricting U was aimed at engaging citizens across the country and educating them about the redistricting process. Read more about how they recruited and developed 1,500+ advocates in our new case study!

Redistricting U: Organizing the Next Decade

Mobilize product updates

We’re always working to maximize impact for our customers which is why we wanted to share some of the recent and upcoming product updates on Mobilize. We’re leading off with a highly requested feature that will help organizations track volunteer hours!

  1. Tracking volunteer hours (Beta)
  • The Hours Tracking beta feature allows you to track accurate check-in and check-out times for volunteers. Use it to give credit to those volunteers who show up early and stay late or to easily manage hour counts for grant proposals and reports. Reach out to your Client Success Manager or to give it a try! We just ask that beta users share feedback, both positive and constructive, with us.
  1. Updating GA4 tags
  • On July 1, 2023, Google is deprecating the standard Universal Analytics tags in favor of Google Analytics 4. To help you prepare for this change, we now allow customers to use GA4 IDs in our Google Analytics integration. Learn how to update your GA4 Tags.
  1. Helping supporters get connected to events more easily
  • We’re always thinking of ways to make it easier to connect supporters to events. That’s why we’re testing new badges and tags that indicate when events are taking place. We're excited to roll out the most impactful updates to all feeds in the future.
  1. Improved Group Signup coming soon
  • Our Group Signup feature helps supporters seamlessly sign up a group and make sure their group members register. In the dashboard, you can keep track of groups attending your events. Learn more about our Group Signup feature. We will have an update on this soon!
Happy Pride!

Happy (almost) Pride Month! Every June, we celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, a series of protests that catalyzed the LGBTQ+ equality movement. While we commemorate the progress we've made towards equality, we also recognize the need for constant advocacy in the face of relentless attacks on the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQ+ community.

We're proud to work with many of the leading LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations, candidates, and causes up and down the ballot that are working to create a better, fairer future. If you're looking to celebrate Pride Month or to promote opportunities to advocate for a better future, you can find LGBTQ+ events and actions here.

FYI: If your campaign or organization is celebrating Pride in June, add the "Pride 2023" and "LGBTQ+" tags to your event(s) so they show up on our dedicated landing pages and make it easier for supporters to find and sign up for your event(s). You can learn more about adding tags in our Help Center.

Submit your ideas and support others!

Thanks for your participation on the Mobilize Ideas Portal! Over 80 ideas and 250 votes have been submitted so far. Here are some ideas that have been shared with us:

  • Having a QR code to scan for check-in at events
  • Adding internal notes and tags
  • Showing maximum event capacity without going to the edit screen

If you have any ideas about how we can make Mobilize better, submit them today or support others. Learn how to use the new Mobilize Ideas Portal.

Two screenshots of the Mobilize Ideas Portal

#ICYMI: A quick review of our recent product updates

Over the past few months, we’ve made several updates to improve Mobilize and drive more impact. So whether you’re new to Mobilize or returning back to the platform, here are some of the significant features we’ve introduced over the past few months:

Statewide events

  • A new setting makes it easier for organizers to recruit for events at the broad state level. Available for virtual and in-person events, the "statewide" setting makes events more visible to all supporters in a state, with a designated "events in your state" section.

Update to Spanish-language communications

  • We’ve made a number of tweaks recently to our automated Spanish-language email and SMS notifications, currently in Beta. These communications are sent based on the language selected for the event, creating a better experience for volunteers and supporters. If you’re interested in turning this feature on for your account, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email

Zapier beta

  • Connect Mobilize with your favorite apps like Slack, Google Sheets, and more to handle some of those pesky repetitive tasks. Our new Zapier triggers will empower your team to automate workflows without the help of a developer. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to activate our Zapier integration for your organization.  

Clarifying the intent of the signup button

  • After several weeks of testing to understand how signup button language affects supporter conversion, we updated signup buttons across most event types to use more direct language. While it was a small change, it led to significant results: a 7% increase in registrations!

As a reminder, you can always learn what’s new on Mobilize in our Help Center.

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