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Mobilize’s Impact in 2022

As results from Election Day continue to roll in, we wanted to take a moment to share the impact Mobilize volunteers had across the country this cycle. With nearly 7 million shifts from over 2 million volunteers, Mobilize helped power organizing efforts nationwide. Since January 2021, more than 1.5 million new volunteers joined Mobilize to take action for candidates and causes they believe in, bringing the Mobilize network to 5.5 million supporters strong.

By the numbers

We continue to be the destination for democratic political activism: this cycle, saw an incredible 19 million unique visitors.  

In fact, on the Friday before GOTV weekend, we saw our second highest day of traffic to ever.  

However, it’s not just about visiting Mobilize once: our platform’s built-in automations and features keep supporters engaged throughout the entire cycle.

Organizations using Mobilize were also more collaborative than ever before: our Promotions feature, in which organizations can ask other groups to cross-amplify their events and vice versa, drove about 15% of total Mobilize signups this cycle. By partnering with like-minded groups, organizations can provide more opportunities for their supporters to take action and help build their volunteer capacity.  

Social sharing prompts, i.e. when supporters ask friends and family to join them in volunteering, helped drive more than 10% of signups on Mobilize. By asking volunteers to tap into their own networks, we helped power even more action. Since the beginning of 2021, more than 140,000 volunteers asked their friends to join them at an event, leading to over 600,000 additional event signups this cycle.

Overall, nearly 40% of total signups this cycle came from automations and features on from Mobilize! These features don’t just drive more action for organizations – they allow staff and organizers to save countless hours and focus on other important priorities. The numbers speak for themselves: Organizations that use Mobilize save time and increase their volunteer capacity (by up to 40%) to more easily achieve their organizing goals.  

Thank you for choosing Mobilize!

We’re grateful to partner with nearly 4,000 organizations across the country who are dedicated to making change in their communities. While this election cycle is over, advocacy is a year-round exercise. We encourage everyone to take some time to rest from all your great work this cycle, then find a way to get plugged back in. With hundreds of local and national non-profits on Mobilize, there are opportunities to take action at any time.  

Since Mobilize was founded, we’ve been dedicated to helping mission-driven organizations achieve their goals. We've pushed product updates and launched new features that continue to help drive more action from supporters – and help those supporters fight for the things they believe in.

Not only do we provide the best-in-class platform for organizing, we also have a fun and innovative team working behind the scenes to make everything work smoothly for our users. They’re the ones who make Mobilize possible by providing unparalleled customer support, optimizing product features, and brainstorming new ways to improve our platform.  

Finally, we want to thank you for choosing Mobilize as your organizing platform. We are proud to power thousands of organizations working towards a better future, and we continue to build upon our success to make Mobilize even more impactful. Every day, we’re thankful for our partnership with you, and look forward to working with you in the future to continue to make your volunteer efforts as easy and successful as possible.  

-Caitlin and Team Mobilize  

P.S. You can always read more about what’s new at Mobilize here. We’re always looking to improve Mobilize, so if you have any feedback, please send it here!

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