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Mobilize exclusive: “How to be a Mobilize Superuser!” Webinar recap

Learn tips and best practices from experienced panelists on how to use Mobilize to your organization or campaign's advantage.

Panelists Sofia Garduno, Tiffany Hseih, and Courtney Brunelle Kim joined us for a webinar to discuss how Mobilize has helped their organizations run their programs and contribute to overall success.

On June 3rd, 2021, Mobilize’s own Jocelyn Strauss, Enterprise Client Success Manager), led a panel discussion with political organizers and representatives to do a deep dive into the specific digital tools offered by Mobilize’s platform that have had a positive impact on the work of organizations. Hailing from nonprofit political organizations, all three panelists shared their personal experiences as Mobilize users. 

Integrating Mobilize into the Digital Stack

During a time when the world is dominated by the internet, organizations make use of vital digital tools in order to conduct the work that they do. Distributed Organizing Manager at NextGen America, Sofia Garduno, and Youth Digital Campaigns Manager at League of Conservation Voters, Tiffany Hsieh, addressed how Mobilize has fit into their organization’s digital toolbox and the characteristics of the platform that they have favored the most. 

“It [Mobilize] has made it so much easier to streamline the process for volunteering.” - Sofia Garduno 

“It works seamlessly for our data systems, which is a huge plus for our organizing efforts in order to track RSVPs and close out volunteer shifts.” - Tiffany Hseih 

How to be a Mobilize Superuser

The namesake of the webinar directs attention to the tips offered by current Mobilize users on how to utilize the platform to your utmost advantage. Political & Legislative Action Representative at American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Courtney Brunelle Kim addressed the audience by sharing her tips on how to use and navigate Mobilize in order to reap the most benefits. 

“Make really good use of the differences between the admin, host, trusted host, and organizer roles. Now what we’re doing is having just a couple of admins, and we have folks that are in organizer roles. It just makes it easier for them to start using the tool and build their comfort level.” - Courtney Brunelle Kim 

On the topic of customization, Sophia Garduno offered best practices on how to use the Mobilize platform to match the needs of your organization and its supporters. Just like any tool, it’s important to know how to use it in order to get work done efficiently.

“Customize everything that you can, especially reminder emails. It’s really good to make sure that they have the information that people need for the event. Having prep is really useful.” - Sofia Garduno

Key Takeaways

Our panelists shared some of their favorite features offered by Mobilize and advice on how others can find success. Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Make use of Mobilize’s Export Feature for event and volunteer signups, which allows for easy access and organization of contact lists within seconds.
  • Automated features, such as email and text reminders for in-person and virtual events, make events run smoothly for organizers and participants, so be sure to turn on these features on the settings page.  
  • Customize the branding on your Mobilize account to match that of your organizations. That way, all communications sent through Mobilize will carry your branding, allowing recipients to instantly recognize and trust your organization.  
  • Mobilize has a wide variety of resources, including support, client success, and blogs. Reach out if you or your organization have any questions about your Mobilize account and how you can maximize its overall benefits.

If you missed the webinar and want to hear more from the panelists, check out the recording here!

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