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Introducing petitions: Collect signatures, create change

With the adoption of petitions, Mobilize continues to be your one-stop shop for organizing and engaging with your supporters.

The pandemic has not slowed the momentum of volunteers mobilizing across the nation. As we approach a critical time in our country, the Mobilize team has been thinking about the ways in which we can help equip our partners with the tools to garner support in an easy, flexible way. 

Our latest addition to the platform: petitions! With petitions, your supporters can easily pledge their support to your organization with the quick click of a button. The flexibility and convenience of our petitions feature make it a simple and easy action to offer new and old supporters.

A look at how petitions on Mobilize are being used.

Bringing supporters into your volunteer base through petitions will result in more volunteer shifts and an expanded network of supporters. Think of it as a launchpad that will catapult your supporter base into performing more actions with your organization. Campaigns and organizations of all types will be able to easily capture contacts and drive list growth, especially for supporters that are new to the advocacy space.

Not sure you’re ready to create a petition? You can also use our expanded online actions to ramp up your volunteer engagement and transform your rookie volunteers into seasoned leaders. Mobilize has always offered flexible online options, but now our partners will be able to capture important volunteer information on Mobilize as an individual action in itself. No event? No problem. No petition? Don’t stress! 

Our expanded online actions will allow your supporters to engage in actions such as:

  • Joining a team (intake forms)
  • Showing support for an issue
  • Making a pledge

On top of these easy supporter actions, you receive all of the benefits of Mobilize:

  • 2.8M pre-filled forms (and growing!), which increase signups by 11%
  • Accelerated list growth as supporters invite their friends
  • Streamlined fundraising, as we convert petition signers into donors after they sign
  • Multiple signups per supporter, as we prompt them to consider recommended events while they are engaged
  • New opportunities for cross-promotion with your partners

It is our goal to help you and your organization boost supporter engagement and increase staff time savings. Petitions and expanded online actions serve as convenient ways to engage a list of supporters, keep them active, and encourage them to ramp up into the next level of mobilization with your organization! 

Don’t have any upcoming events? Use petitions and online actions to keep your supporters engaged—and figure out how these features fit into your volunteer engagement strategy!

Ready to get started with petitions? Check out our Help Center article!

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