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How to enhance your Zoom/Google Hangout event with Mobilize

Take your video conference to the next level by using Mobilize and Zoom/Google Hangouts in tandem.

This new world of social distancing and isolation has generated widespread uncertainty on what the future holds, forcing mission-driven organizations to re-think how to organize their supporters. Virtually harnessing the power of supporters has never been more timely.

Fortunately, the modern world also allows us to continue organizing online by leveraging the power of technology. Mobilize is a key platform to have in your toolset as you ramp up your virtual organizing strategy.

While video platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts have become vital, organizations not using them in tandem with Mobilize miss significant opportunities to maximize volunteer engagement. Mobilize’s unique tools and massive volunteer network (1.7M and growing!) are even more necessary now to drive up your digital support. Leveraging the power of both Mobilize and conferencing platforms will ensure that your volunteers act, and will give you data-driven insights on your supporter base. Here’s why:

Mobilize integrates with Zoom

Integrating your Mobilize with Zoom automatically adds Mobilize event attendees to your Zoom meetings and webinars. This seamless virtual supporter experience allows organizers to add Zoom meeting IDs to Mobilize events, and Mobilize will send personalized Zoom links to your supporters to keep event details secure. Once connected to Zoom, Mobilize can register attendees and users won't even need to log in with their Zoom accounts to use the integration.

Learn more about how to integrate Mobilize with Zoom.

Mobilize provides an added layer of confirmation

Since day one, our mission has been to drive your supporters to show up—to maximize impact by harnessing volunteer interest.  When a volunteer signs up for an action, they receive a confirmation email that also adds an event to their online calendar. On the day of the event, our platform sends automated confirmation emails and SMS notifications to registrants, ensuring that those who sign-up show up. These communications reduce volunteer flake rates by upwards of 30%. These automated communications are not available in Google Hangouts and Zoom; without using them in tandem with Mobilize, organizations see fewer attendees and as a result, less significant impact.

Mobilize provides an added layer of data collection

Mobilize allows you to collect valuable, data-driven insights on your volunteer base, including where they live, how many shifts they’ve schedule with you, how they found your event, if they’ve shared the event with their friends, and more. This feature is unique to our platform and not available through your video conferencing tools. This data—readily available in your Mobilize dashboard—enables you to analyze your volunteer base and event offerings in order to develop effective strategies moving forward.

Mobilize integrates with your CRMs

We make sure your user data syncs across your digital toolset so that you have a robust, comprehensive understanding of your events and supporters. We integrate with an array of CRMs (including VAN, Action Kit, and EveryAction), allowing you to automatically transfer and backup your data with ease.  Knowing that your user data is being seamlessly transferred and stored allows your team to focus on what matters most.

Using Mobilize creates a central destination for your organizing work

Our platform creates a central hub for your organizing efforts, both in-person and virtual. With Zoom or Google Hangouts, there is no destination for prospective supporters looking to engage with you. With Mobilize, these individuals can visit your branded feed to browse all the opportunities available to them.

The Mobilize network yields 40%+ more sign ups

As of March 2020, 1.7 million volunteers have signed up for 3.2 million opportunities through Mobilize. Out platform increases event RSVPs by encouraging registrants to bring a friend, offering cross-promotional opportunities between organizations, recommending similar events to volunteers who have signed up for an action, and featuring events on the centralized feed. By being part of this network, organizations have seen up to 40%+ more sign ups.

We are all in this fight together, and Mobilize can ensure you maintain momentum during this critical time. If you have interesting use cases to share or requests for product features tailored to virtual organizing, please let us know here.

PS. Tips for avoiding "Zoombombing"

With the increasing popularity of Zoom, some users have seen unwanted intruders in their meetings—a phenomenon known as "Zoomboming." We recommend following these guidelines from Zoom to prevent uninvited guests from attending.

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