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Four Mobilize features you need to activate before GOTV

Mobilize has built-in features that help organizations help drive more action from their supporters.

In the first half of 2022, more than 40% of volunteer signups on Mobilize were driven by built-in features that required no additional work from organizations (except for ensuring some of these features are activated!) These signups were driven by automated event recruitment, “bring-a-friend" prompts, promotions on the Mobilize platform and our weekly newsletter, and from volunteers looking for opportunities on Adding extra signups is impactful at any time, but these shifts are especially helpful during GOTV when you are working to turn out every vote.

In an election cycle where there is never enough time, here are four features you can activate in less than five minutes. Simply turning on these features can have a significant impact on the number of signups for your event and raise money for your organization!

Make sure these Mobilize features are turned on before GOTV:

#1: Activate Promotions to get your events in front of more volunteers

10 seconds–5 minutes to configure; 15% signup uplift (Admins Only)

Promotions allow you to tap into Mobilize’s network of volunteers by allowing like-minded campaigns and organizations to amplify your events—and vice versa! 15% of signups platform-wide are driven through promotions and it’s easy as a click of a button!  

Activating Promotions:

  • Make sure the Enable promotions by other organizations toggle is switched on in your Settings tab, to allow your events to appear on and on other partners' feeds.
  • Go to the Promotions tab and search for your endorsed candidates, local organizations, and like-minded causes. If you see any like-minded organizations in the list that might be interested in promoting your events, use the Request Promotion button to ask them to boost your events!
  • Have supporters but can’t provide enough opportunities for them to take action? Browse Mobilize.Us for GOTV events that might be relevant to your volunteers and promote them to your feed with our single-event promotion feature. Your supporters have more ways to take action, and you gather additional signup data for future re-engagement–a win-win!

#2: Enable Automated Recruitment to encourage additional GOTV signups

0 - 60 seconds to configure; up to 12% uplift

Automated event recruitment recommends other events after someone signs up for a shift to help increase numbers at other upcoming events. After volunteers sign for one event, they are prompted to sign up for additional shifts or events, and can complete their signup with just one tap. Our testing shows this can boost signups by up to 12%!

Activating Automated Recruitment:

  • Make sure the Sign up for other events toggle is on (underneath Communications) when you’re creating your event.
  • Optionally, select Customize to add up to three event links to the automated follow-up after a shift. If you don’t provide custom event links, Mobilize will make personalized recommendations for the volunteer.
  • Pro tip: Leave all of the toggles under Communications on to drive more shifts from bring-a-friend prompts and other automated engagement features, with no extra effort!

#3: Craft and send our newly improved Weekly Newsletter to inform supporters about upcoming events

1 minute to configure; 9% uplift (Admins Only)

To help you bring in even more volunteers, we’ve launched a new weekly newsletter design, adding two new event sections. In our tests, adding more actions brought in more signups! You can now also customize the subject line of your organization’s weekly newsletter to better catch your volunteers’ attention in a crowded inbox. But first things first: You need to turn it on!

Activating Weekly Newsletter:

  • In your Settings tab, make sure the Automated recommendation newsletter section is set to send once a week.
  • NEW! Add a custom subject line to capture your supporters’ attention and draw attention to urgent campaigns.
  • Add a custom message to your newsletter by clicking on the Customize message and event suggestions link in the Automated recommendation newsletter section.
  • Add custom events to your weekly newsletter to make sure your supporters see your highest priority events first!  
  • Pro tip: You can see how many signups are coming from your weekly newsletter on your stats page and in your signups list.

Read more about the weekly automated newsletter in our help center.

#4: Post-signup fundraising to raise money during GOTV

60 seconds to configure (Admins Only)

Your volunteers are committed to your cause and in addition to supporting your organization with their time, many of them can also likely support your organization financially. By configuring this post-signup fundraising opportunity, you are asking your volunteers who have signed up for an event to take even greater action. With an increased number of supporters looking to take action during GOTV, this feature has the potential to help you raise more money with every signup.

Activating post-signup fundraising:

  • Go to your Fundraising Settings tab and add a link to your fundraising page (whether it's EveryAction, NGP VAN, ActBlue, or another platform!) under post-signup donations.
  • Add custom dollar amounts for an even more seamless donor experience.

Learn more about configuring post-signup donations.

As we head into the final stretch before GOTV, we know every minute counts which is why we continue to improve the Mobilize platform to make it easier and more efficient for you to use. To learn about new product features and updates, check out ✨What’s New at Mobilize.

Good luck getting out the vote!

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