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As requested, you can now promote a single event!

One of the most common feature requests we receive is the ability to promote a single event. Now you can!

What is promotion?

Promotions are a way to feature actions hosted by other organizations in your Mobilize feed. For example, a union may want to promote the events of a local political candidate or a non-profit may want to promote the events of a coalition. This past week, over 16% of platform-wide RSVPs on Mobilize came from promotion. 

Learn more about promotions.

How does single event promotion work?

Promoting a single event (or action) is easy. Just visit any support-facing version of the event and tap “Promote this action” underneath the signup form. Then choose the promoting dashboard and click “Promote.”

 Learn more about single event promotion.

Other ways to promote

Single event promotion is great when there is just one event you want to promote, but many times you’ll want to promote many events from an organization. To do that, you can promote the organization then filter the promotions to just the subset you are interested in by event type, tag, location, etc.

 Learn more about filtering promotions.

We hope that single event promotion makes it even easier for your supporters to find high impact actions and events!

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