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Advocacy software: 10+ top providers for 2021 and beyond

Advocacy software is essential for making change and mobilizing supporters today. Check out these top providers to explore the space.

An advocacy software solution is a platform or tool used by mission-based organizations to garner public support for a cause or policy. 

These campaigns are all about making change, usually through spreading awareness of public issues, promoting (or fighting) new legislation, and mobilizing supporters toward a shared policy goal. Nonprofits and advocacy organizations rely on advocacy software to handle every aspect of these campaigns from start to finish. Campaign planning and marketing, sharing online petitions, launching phone or text banks, and more can all be supported with the right tools. 

Since advocacy campaigns can be logistically complex, dedicated software designed to handle or facilitate specific tasks will be your best bet. This is more important than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic has made organizing supporters in-person extremely challenging, if not impossible. Thankfully, advocacy software makes it easier to recruit, engage, and mobilize advocates virtually.

The right advocacy software will simplify your efforts, save your team’s time, and ultimately drive stronger results for your campaign. However, if your organization is new to conducting advocacy campaigns, knowing where to start can be tricky. 

We’ve rounded up a few top picks to help get you started. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Ready to start building your digital advocacy toolkit? Let’s get started. 

Explore Mobilize to learn more about our powerful advocacy software.

Top advocacy software: Mobilize

Mobilize is the leading advocacy software platform for advocate recruitment, management, communication, and follow-up. We connect organizations with passionate supporters to drive their missions forward, raise awareness for their campaigns, and stay engaged over the long-run. 

We’ve helped mission-based organizations of all sizes reach their goals, including advocacy organizations, nonprofits, unions, and political campaigns.

Mobilize makes it easy to get up and running with advocacy software and post new events quickly.

Advocacy software features

The Mobilize platform includes everything your organization will need to get your next advocacy campaign up and running quickly. The top features include:

  • Intuitive tools for creating in-person and virtual events
  • Peer-to-peer recruitment features to grow your audience
  • Event creation permissions for your most dedicated advocates to launch their own local and virtual events
  • Automated communication tools, including pre-event messages and post-event surveys
  • Robust data reporting features, volunteer management tools, and integrations with other leading advocacy software providers
  • Access to the rapidly growing Mobilize network of volunteers - over 2.2 million individuals looking for their next cause to rally behind!
Robust data reporting like this Mobilize dashboard is a must-have for advocacy software.

The Mobilize impact

Since 2018, we’ve helped over 2 million volunteers and advocates take more than 5 million actions for the campaigns and organizations that matter to them. 

By tapping into our ready-made network of passionate advocates and using our intuitive recruitment, management, and engagement features, organizations using Mobilize have seen significant benefits for their campaigns and events. For instance, Mobilize users have:

  • Doubled their online signup rates for events and opportunities. 
  • Reduced event no-shows by up to 30% using automated pre-event messages
  • Received in-depth feedback from up to 32% of supporters through post-event surveys.

We’re especially proud of our work with NARAL Pro-Choice America. Our platform has tripled their volunteer and advocate shift sign-up rates and saved their organizers an average of 5 hours a week. Check out our NARAL case study for the complete story on how Mobilize helped grow its average monthly shift sign-ups from 600 to 1,900 (and counting)!

From recruitment and engagement to long-term retention, Mobilize’s advocacy software offers the tools you need to push your strategies forward. With features and resources to support every part of the volunteer journey, Mobilize can supercharge your next advocacy campaign and lay a solid foundation for your organization’s growth.

Getting started with Mobilize

It’s easy to get started with our advocacy software and resources. Sign up for your free starter account for access to all of our core advocate recruitment and management tools. To see the complete toolkit in action, request a custom demo from our team.

Check out our Get Started page to explore all your options and learn more.

Advocacy software from Mobilize can take your campaigns to the next level. Learn more with a demo.

Other leading advocacy software providers & specialized solutions

Whether you’re hosting an awareness campaign, organizing a phone bank or petition, or launching a full-scale grassroots movement, advocacy campaigns can involve a lot of moving parts. Thankfully, there’s advocacy software available to handle practically any task or function that your campaign might entail.

Here are our top picks for advocacy software and specialized providers to help you tackle any new challenges thrown your way.

Blue State Digital offers advocacy software and support ideal for strategy-heavy campaigns.

Blue State Digital: Best advocacy software for grassroots campaign strategy

Blue State Digital is an advocacy software provider and consulting firm that can support practically any element of your next campaign. Their campaign strategy services are especially useful for organizations that want to hit the ground running with high-impact strategies. With expertise in audience analytics, brand strategy, message development, and the tech know-how to back it all up, Blue State Digital is a great partner for large-scale advocacy campaigns.

Strategy support and advocacy software from Blue State Digital has driven numerous high profile campaigns to success.

Why it stands out

Blue State Digital has been a trusted partner for big-name political and advocacy organizations, like the Sierra Club and both Obama presidential campaigns. Their full range of advocacy solutions and services is backed by a proven track record of success. Plus, their solutions integrate seamlessly with Mobilize!

Explore Blue State Digital’s grassroots campaign strategy services to learn more.

Phone2Action offers leading advocacy software to support your communication efforts.

Phone2Action: Best advocacy software for phone banking

Phone2Action is a leading provider of advocacy communication tools, especially when it comes to phone banking and empowering advocates to connect with their elected officials. As a legacy provider in the advocacy space, Phone2Action’s complete set of grassroots campaign tools makes it easy to build powerful communication tools into your campaign plans.

Phone2Action's advocacy software is ideal for supporting your communication and phone banking tactics.

Why it stands out

Phone2Action’s expertise in advocacy communication has powered successful campaigns and projects for nonprofits, advocacy groups, and businesses alike. Driving that success has been the platform’s emphasis on ease of use for advocates. It takes supporters five minutes or less to call or message legislators with Phone2Action’s communication tools. An integration with Mobilize makes it even easier to connect your advocates and volunteers with the phone banking features they’ll need, too. Check out our joint webinar on virtual advocacy best practices to see both platforms in action!

Explore Phone2Action’s website to learn more.

ActionKit's advocacy tools can help your organization grow your mailing lists with more effective marketing and petitions.

ActionKit: Best advocacy software for mailing list growth

ActionKit is an advocacy software provider that’s especially effective for helping organizations grow their mailing lists. Advocacy campaigns thrive when they can reach large audiences, and the right technology will be invaluable for spreading the word about your goals. ActionKit includes a complete set of email, petition, survey, and analytics features to help grow your campaign’s visibility.

ActionKit's nonprofit grassroots software helps organizations reach more supporters and retain their support over time.

Why it stands out

Advocacy campaigns can be an extremely effective way to grow your organization’s base of support because they can reach much larger audiences than a typical fundraising or awareness campaign. With the right tools in your arsenal from the start, you’ll be in a great position to actively steward and retain the support of new advocates over time. ActionKit’s features make it easy to both reach new supporters and boost engagement over the long-run. Plus, an integration with Mobilize streamlines the flow of new volunteers into your system for continued engagement and stewardship.

Explore ActionKit’s grassroots advocacy software to learn more.

Hustle's nonprofit advocacy tools are excellent for peer-to-peer texting campaigns.

Hustle: Best advocacy software for peer-to-peer texting

Hustle is a top provider of peer-to-peer texting solutions for advocacy campaigns and nonprofit organizations. This advocacy software solution contains everything you’ll need to create a texting campaign, develop scripts, mobilize your team, and track your results.

Hustle's advocacy software is the trusted leader in the peer-to-peer texting space.

Why it stands out

Hustle stands out because it’s a leading provider to support one of the single most effective communication outlets for mission-based organizations. Hustle has found that 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent. That kind of engagement can have major benefits for your advocacy campaign and drive more supporters towards completing your target action. Plus, using it in tandem with Mobilize simplifies the process of recruiting and managing your peer-to-peer texting volunteers! To see Hustle and Mobilize in action, check out our joint webinar.

Explore Hustle’s website to learn more about peer-to-peer texting.

Cornershop Creative's web design services are ideal for advocacy organizations of any size.

Cornershop Creative: Best advocacy software for web design

Cornershop Creative is a web design agency specialized in creating custom websites for advocacy organizations and progressive nonprofits. Their fully personalized approach to visual and user experience design, custom development, and CRM integrations with leading platforms make them a smart choice for organizations that need more than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Cornershop Creative's web design services can connect your advocacy software solutions to your website for increased functionality.

Why it stands out

Cornershop Creative stands out as a web design agency for advocacy organizations for a few reasons, including their years of experience working specifically with progressive organizations and fully customized approach to each project. Most importantly, their design process prioritizes long-term usability and support, meaning your own team will receive complete training and documentation for maintaining your shiny new website.

Explore Cornershop Creative’s website to learn more about their services.

EveryAction's advocacy software is a trusted choice for data management.

EveryAction: Best advocacy software for unified data management

EveryAction is a CRM platform designed with advocacy organizations and nonprofits in mind. As a centralized digital location for your supporter data, fundraising efforts, and advocacy campaigns, this database software can give your organization a 360-degree view of your performance. Running and tracking multi-channel advocacy campaigns from one centralized system allows for holistic reporting and easy segmentation of supporter data.

EveryAction's grassroots nonprofit software can help centralize your advocacy campaigns.

Why it stands out

EveryAction fills an important gap that many advocacy organizations are faced with: unifying all of your campaign data and efforts within a single system. Data from phone banking, canvassing, and volunteer shifts is stored alongside digital advocacy and fundraising information, for a complete look at your supporters’ interactions with your organization. As a CRM platform designed specifically for nonprofit fundraising and advocacy campaigns, there’s no need to invest endless hours and resources in completely re-configuring the system to suit your needs. Plus, ready-made integrations with other leading advocacy software (like Mobilize) makes it easy to build out your EveryAction instance as needed.

Explore the EveryAction platform to learn more.

Political Data, Inc.'s advocacy software specializes in robust political data to support campaigns.

Political Data Inc.: Best advocacy software for political data

Political Data, Inc. is an advocacy software provider specialized in supplying advocacy groups and political campaigns with the comprehensive political data they need to drive their efforts to success. With a complete database of United States voter information and election results, Political Data, Inc.’s resources and solutions can give your team the insights you need to more effectively reach constituents and make change.

Political Data, Inc. is a leading provider in the complex political data and software space.

Why it stands out

Driving your advocacy campaigns with the right data is essential but logistically challenging. Databases and data solutions like those from Political Data, Inc. serve the crucial function of centralizing your data analysis efforts. Their advanced Campaign Center and integrations with platforms like Mobilize make it easy to access, sort, and use political data in ways that won’t overcomplicate your strategies. 

Explore Political Data, Inc.’s website to learn more about their advocacy software.

MobileAction offers effective advocacy software for organizations using Blackbaud platforms.

MobileAction: Best grassroots advocacy software for Blackbaud users

MobileAction is the grassroots advocacy software and mobile app from the nonprofit tech experts at DNL OmniMedia. Built for organizations that already rely on Blackbaud’s Luminate Online platform, this solution connects organizations with their advocates and supporters where engagement matters most: their smartphones.

MobileAction's grassroots software offers a mobile-first advocacy experience.

Why it stands out

MobileAction takes a mobile-first approach to engaging supporters and advocates. It offers a full set of features to configure advocacy alerts, peer-to-peer fundraising, and custom surveys, all set within a custom-branded mobile app experience. For organizations already using the powerful Luminate Online platform from Blackbaud, this fully-integrated mobile app is a great choice for boosting mobile engagement with their campaigns.

Explore the MobileAction website to learn more about their grassroots advocacy software.

Double the Donation's corporate philanthropy software can strengthen your advocacy toolkit.

Double the Donation: Best advocacy software for corporate philanthropy

Double the Donation helps mission-based organizations raise more support through corporate philanthropy, a resource that’s typically underutilized by nonprofits and advocacy groups of all sizes. Their comprehensive database of corporate giving policies and easy-to-use search tools take the guesswork out of determining eligibility for corporate funding.

Double the Donation can help advocacy organizations and nonprofits generate more revenue through supporter engagement.

Why it stands out

For organizations that fundraise and work with volunteers, Double the Donation’s tools can generate significant revenue boosts over time. Volunteer grants, in particular, are extremely underutilized by eligible organizations because of a general lack of awareness on both the organizations’ and the volunteers’ parts. With a solution dedicated to filling that gap, you can begin effortlessly raising additional support for your mission. 

Explore Double the Donation’s website to learn more about their corporate philanthropy software.

Smartwaiver's online waiver software is a new essential for many advocacy campaigns.

Smartwaiver: Best nonprofit advocacy tool for in-person waivers

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts nearly every aspect of how advocacy organizations conduct their campaigns, waivers have become an increasingly important part of ensuring in-person events can operate smoothly. Smartwaiver’s digital waiver platform includes everything your organization will need to get up and running with liability waivers.

Smartwaiver's waiver tools are an increasingly important part of an advocacy software toolkit.

Why it stands out

Smartwaiver is the leading provider of digital waiver technology because its range of features and options can’t be matched. With embeddable waivers for your website, tablet apps for mobile use, offline support, and complete access to participant data, Smartwaiver is a great choice for any organization that’s new to collecting waivers for its in-person events.

Explore Smartwaiver’s website to learn more.

Why use advocacy software?

Advocacy campaigns are complicated. Between planning your strategy, promoting your campaign, empowering key advocates, facilitating the target actions that supporters need to take, and following up on your performance, there’s a lot to handle. Using dedicated tools that are specifically designed to support advocacy campaigns will always be a smarter choice than taking a scattered or piecemeal approach to planning and running a campaign. This is also true for any other complex task that your organization takes on, like volunteer management

Advocacy software makes it easier to create scalable strategies that can grow along with your organization and lay a foundation for future campaigns. Automation and data analytics are also invaluable for guiding your efforts and saving time across the board, ultimately generating more value over the long-run.

Additionally, the new importance of virtual events and engagement amid the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that organizations without a digital advocacy infrastructure have been at a serious disadvantage. 

These benefits all make it easier for your team and your supporters to drive your advocacy campaigns to success.

To learn more about advocacy and organizing, continue your research with these additional resources from Mobilize:

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