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7 down-ballot campaigns to keep on your radar

A quick look at some of the campaigns that have leveraged our platform as they work to secure their election wins.

It is essential to vote in local, state, and federal elections for significant change—and at Mobilize, we’ve watched many of our partners live out our values of democracy, justice, and inclusion as they set out to uplift and transform their communities and our country.

We have watched campaigns accelerate towards success using our platform as candidates build lists, fundraise, engage supporters, and build communities. These candidates are leading the polls, and it is with the help of supporters willing to mobilize.

With thousands of shifts scheduled, it’s safe to say that these campaigns are making BIG moves. Check them out: 


1. Alexsis Rodgers for Richmond Mayor

Alexsis Rodgers is a civic leader, organizer, policy director, and champion for proactive and progressive leadership. Rodgers has hosted phone banks, housing town halls, and relational organizing training to rally her supporters. Despite the shift to virtual due to COVID-19, she and her supporters have charged ahead to garner more support and jump into more action to get the important issues that Richmond residents are facing fixed. 

Need-to-know Mobilize stats:

  • Over 6% supporters from bring-a-friend feature
  • 25% conversation rate (% of individuals who visit any of your Mobilize pages, from any source, who sign up for at least one shift)


2. Anna for Florida 

In 2018, Anna V. Eskamani secured her bid to serve Florida State House District 47. Eskamani works relentlessly to protect all members of her community through effective advocacy, bold leadership, and smart management. In 2020, she is hoping to continue this work. She has hosted town halls about redlining, eviction, and affordable housing for her supporters and those interested in learning more about her. She has also been able to organize literature drops and teach new supporters about relation organizing all on our virtual platform. Anna has mobilized an amazing number of supporters to rally behind her fight for democracy and equity. 

Need-to-know Mobilize stats:

  • Nearly 10% of supporters signed up through our bring-a-friend invite feature
  • 23% conversion rate 
  • Over 40 events created by volunteer hosts 


3. Dr Eliz Markowitz for Texas HD 28

Elizabeth Markowitz is running to claim her bid for Texas State House District 28. Markowitz is fighting for healthcare to all Texans, regardless of income level or ethnicity, and a public education system that serves a high-quality education to all. When it comes to mobilizing supporters, she has hosted multiple phone banks and action-packed power hours to help her in her mission to make Texas a better place for its citizens throughout all times of crisis. 

Need-to-know Mobilize stats:

  • 10.2% of supporters signed up through bring-a-friend
  • 14% conversion rate
  • 73 events created by volunteer hosts


4. T’wina Nobles for State Senate  

T’Wina Nobles is committed to strengthening Washington State. Nobles believes that all kids deserve world class education, and she is fighting to keep communities safe and healthy while tackling the affordability and housing crisis. Her call to action has been heard through the many phone banks and trainings hosted to educate folks about her position and the necessity to enact legislation that will help Washington State become a safe, affordable place for all who call it home. 

Need-to-know Mobilize stats:

  • 13.8% of supporters signed up through bring-a-friend
  • 21% conversion rate
  • 30 events created by volunteer hosts


5. Janeese for Ward 4

Janeese Lewis George is running for DC Council Ward 4. She grew up in Ward 4 and comes from the third generation of a family that lives and breathes their community. She understands the importance of a person’s zip code and how it can determine one’s destiny. In her fight for equity, she has used Mobilize to build lists of early voting center volunteers to help folks get out the vote. She also has grown her list of supporters through hosting phone banks and virtual town halls where she touches on the topics that affect her community the most. 

Need-to-know Mobilize stats:

  • 10.5% of supporters signed up through bring-a-friend 
  • 25% conversion rate
  • 87 events created by volunteer hosts 


6. Jacqueline “Jack” Porter for Tallahassee City Commissioner, Seat 1

With the help of supporter action, Jack Porter secured her seat on the Tallahassee City Commission. She hosted various sign waving events, text banks, and an election night watch party. Jack ran to fight against special interests, stick up for neighborhoods, and bring the voice of the people back to City Hall. By building lists of supporters who were willing to take action, she was able to power her campaign and showcase what true democracy looks like. 

Need-to-know Mobilize stats:

  • 6.91% of supporters through bring-a-friend
  • 14% conversion rate
  • 16 events created by volunteer hosts 


7. Dan Besse for NC HD 74

As an elected official, Dan Besse has fought for stronger, healthier neighborhoods, stronger public schools, and equal opportunity for all. To spread awareness of his platform and the upcoming election, Besse has hosted phone banks to reach out to voters and get out the vote. The strength of these grassroots efforts are what keep our society democratic, just, and inclusive. 

Need-to-know Mobilize stats:

  • 9.72% of supporters through bring-a-friend
  • 30% conversion rate
  • 18 events created by volunteer hosts 

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