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2020 pre-election volunteer mobilization by the numbers

A series of maps and graphs that give a sense of the level and composition of the volunteer activity we’re seeing across the country.

Updated 10/30/20

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, millions of Americans sought ways to take action in support of social and political issues. Recognizing a need for social change through sustained people-powered movements, our co-founders created Mobilize.

In the four years since then, our platform has partnered with 3,000+ organizations and spurred over 12 million actions from 4 million people, making it the fastest-growing network for social impact. This has given us a unique perspective on the 2020 elections, which have engendered an unprecedented level of organizing.

The following maps and graphs give a sense of the level and composition of the volunteer activity we’re seeing across the country.

Millions of volunteers are taking tens of millions of actions on Mobilize

Organizations of all sizes—from grassroots groups to Presidential campaigns—have leveraged Mobilize to power movements that create a more just, inclusive, and democratic world. We saw 3 million new supporters take action in 2020 alone and anticipate that number will reach 4 million by the end of the year.

On average, our partners have seen 30% more shifts from the Mobilize network, in particular from cross-promotion between organizations, automated event suggestions, and bring-a-friend prompts.

Even in traditionally conservative states, Mobilize has built a lasting infrastructure for the future, and virtual events have made it possible for volunteers in deep blue places to take action far from home, in places that need extra help.

Volunteers through Mobilize have always been disproportionately female. (Who run the world? Girls.)

In terms of age, young people are engaged and taking action at record levels this election cycle.

And they’re not just volunteering: These supporters are also donors. Our partners have received over 38k individual donations from automated prompts on Mobilize.

Events are happening nationally, and are slowly returning to in-person

31% of all sign ups went to phone banks, 15% to trainings, 14% to community events, 10% to text banks, and the remainder spread across 15 other event types.

Cumulatively they’ve hosted over 81,000 events on Mobilize!

At the peak of COVID, virtual events made up virtually 100% of activity on the platform. Mobilize made immediate platform updates—including new event types and a Zoom integration—to support our partners in the transition to online action.

This week, about 13% of total events on the platform are in-person, as organizations canvass safely in key states.

Democratic candidates are seeing unprecedented levels of engagement

This includes most major Senate races, where Democrats need to flip four seats in order to take control.

We saw massive mobilization, especially as major events unfolded this year: Super Tuesday, the Democratic National Convention, the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and too many others, and the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The vast amount of action took place through phone banks, text banks, and canvassing, leading to an unprecedented level of voter contact aimed at driving much-needed change.

We powered more signups in the final week before the 2020 elections that we did in all of 2018. We are currently seeing 1.6 signups every second.

This incredible level of activity will be a huge determining factor on Election Day 2020. Mobilize has built the largest network for people-powered mobilization, allowing individuals to collaborate in new ways and build power for real change.

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