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9 high-impact actions to help you mobilize now

Looking for ways to get involved before the election? The Mobilize team has got you covered.

There are only 12 days left to make an impact on this election and the coming weeks will be the most critical. Many races will come down to a handful of votes and they need your help to make the difference. We have 9 high-impact actions you can take until November 3. 

Worried about not having enough time?

No matter what you choose—don’t count yourself out! There are a number of ways that you can get involved. Check out our 10 recommendations below:

1. Host your own volunteer event

Are you already doing great work for an organization on Mobilize? Take it to the next level, and become a volunteer host! Volunteer hosting is a great way for volunteers to boost their commitment to an organization while uplifting the organization’s missions and beliefs in front of newer supporters. It’s a great way to bring the organization to your community. 

Connect with campaigns and organizations to host your own volunteer event! Whether you plan on making phone calls, having a postcard making party, or hanging door hangers, your mobilization efforts will help get out the vote. 

Are you an organization that wants to recruit volunteer hosts? Check out this help article

2. Volunteer to become a poll worker

Did you know that our country is facing a nationwide shortage of poll workers due to COVID-19? Most poll workers tend to be over the age of 60. This positions them as a vulnerable population and has decreased sign-up rate during this election. To help combat this, various groups are organizing poll working trainings to ensure that the 2020 election is a safe and fair one. 

Find out how you can become a poll worker. 

3. Pledge to vote

In the 2016 election, only 56% of eligible voters participated in voting. In the 2020 election, we can do even better—let’s beat 56%! Commit to making your voice heard by November 3, 2020. You can even consider it the first step of your election plan.

Pledge to have your voice heard today. 

4. Pledge to volunteer

Planning to vote? Then you should also be planning to volunteer! Find ways to use your voice to uplift another’s. Find organizations that protect the rights of refugees, women, people of color, LGBTQIA, the youth, the poor, and other marginalized communities. Our communities need us now more than ever. 

Pledge to volunteer today.

For volunteer opportunities with down ballot races, visit 

5. Tell everyone that you know

Don’t ignore the power of the share button! Just signed up as a poll worker? Share that event with your group chat, and encourage your friends and family to sign up, too. Make a commitment to share events with at least three friends each time you sign up for one

6. Send letters to voters in key states

Get in on the fun! Volunteers will be preparing and writing turnout letters that will be sent in late October—right as voters go to the polls.  Never wrote a letter before? Don’t worry—there are lots of free training sessions to help guide you along the way. We all have to start somewhere. 

Get involved here. 

7. Make calls to voters in super states

Super States voters need your help! Attend a free virtual training, and call voters from the safety of your home to encourage voters to get out and vote. Again, let’s turnout and beat that 56%!

Join in and learn everything you need to know.

8. Host a BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Ballot) party for your friends and family.

Host your own social distance extravaganza or make it happen on Zoom. Many people believe that the only office that they will be voting for this year is the presidential office, but this isn’t true! You are a resource for your family, friends, and community — host a BYOB party to walk through the down ballot with your loved ones.  

9. Bonus, easy task: Share this article to help others get involved!

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