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Mobilize is your go-to destination for people-powered movements. We provide nonprofits, labor unions, political campaigns, and grassroots organizers the tech needed to create a more just, inclusive, and democratic world.


In the wake of the 2016 elections, our founders noticed how eager progressive activists everywhere were to revolutionize the way we organize.

We decided to channel this unique energy and transform online audiences into real-life, people-powered movements.

Women's March in Washington DC
Campaign volunteers.

Since 2017, organizations have used our platform to help us build a network of over 5.5M+ ardent supporters who have taken over 22M actions—and that number continues to grow daily.

We've seen supporters call, text, sign petitions, and attend virtual proms using our platform. During the 2020 elections, these actions helped us power the largest online mobilization program in history.

In 2020, Mobilize became part of the EveryAction family, uniting the best frontend for supporter engagement with a unified CRM.

Now, Mobilize works with values-aligned organizations to achieve their missions.

Our partners, users, and employees uplift the following values:


We ensure integrity and fairness internally, and actively support clients doing anti-oppression and transformative justice work.


We reduce the harm caused by structural and institutional inequity through our product, internal processes, and our partners' work.


In concert with our partners, we give individuals power and influence, making it easier to vote, protect, and participate in democratic institutions.

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